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March 12, 2007

PARTY BEN – mp3 Downloads

I was first blown away by Party Ben’ skills when I heard his seamless blend of Company B and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. When I went to his site I was delighted to discover he’s sharing hours of mashed-up fun. If you were wondering what the original unreleased version of Coldplay’s ‘Talk’ sounded like with the Kraftwerk sample then ‘Computer Talk’ might be the closest you’re gonna get. ‘Galvanize The Empire’ had me mentaly re-editing footage of Star Wars to fit the music.

Below you’ll find those three tracks and six of my other favourites but I reccomend spending a weekend sampling the many other delights on offer on his brilliant website. Most tracks are accompanied by a self-depricating review from the man himself. There’s mp3s, videos, artwork and full length mixes, check it out.

Chic Vs The Beastie Boys Vs Franz Feerdinand – (Triple) Freak Me Out mp3
Coldplay Vs Kraftwerk – Computer Talk mp3
Lyrics Born Vs The Average White Band – Callin’ Up The Pieces mp3
Company B Vs Yeah Yeah Yeahs & Diplo – Fascinated By Gold mp3
The Chemical Brothers Vs John Williams – Galvanize The Empire mp3
Michael Jackson Vs Nelly Furtado – Promiscuous With You mp3

The White Stripes Vs Eric B. & Rakim & Coldcut – Pump Up The Doorbell mp3
Eminem – Without Me (Party Ben’s Nobody Listens To Techno Remix) mp3
Meco Vs Public Enemy Vs Earth Wind & Fire – Bring The Wars mp3

Party Ben Website

March 12, 2007


Good Records GRR010: 26th February 2007
1. Mental Cabaret
“This mental cabaret is dancing with my fate, oh, this sexy impression’s left me engaged with a game”
2. Love My Way
“There’s emptiness behind their eyes, there’s dust in all their hearts”
3. Sonic Bloom
“A sonic bloom, a total emotionless excuse, I can’t believe it happened to me, the magic’s in my heart, believe me”
4. Lithium
“I’m so happy, cos today I found my friends, they’re in my head”
5. I’m Calling
“It makes me so cold, today my heart is like an empty room”

This new EP is a taster for The Polyphonic Spree’s forthcoming album ‘The Fragile Army’ and their first release since 2004’s ‘Together We’re Heavy’ LP (A personal favourite and a hard act to follow).  ‘Mental Cabaret’ and ‘I’m Calling’ have the usual massive life-affirming chorus’ of “I’m on my way” and “If I can make it, I’ll make you proud”, respectively.  The music is nothing new but that doesn’t bother me when it’s this lushly orchestrated.

The middle three tracks are covers exclusive to this release.  ‘Love My Way’ is a Psychedelic Furs song, ‘Lithium’ is of course by Nirvana and ‘Sonic Bloom’ is a song by Tim DeLaughter’s old group, Tripping Daisy.  ‘Sonic Bloom’ is wonderful but the real pleasure is hearing the other two very familiar tracks given The Polyphonic Spree treatment.

I confess that I’ve got a rather nerdy habit of carefully reading every word of a record’s liner notes.  So I discovered that the small print of this EP says if you illegally copy it you’ll be subject to “Criminal prostitution”… so you’ve been warned!

The Polyphonic Spree Website / The Polyphonic Spree MySpace

March 12, 2007

MR HUDSON & THE LIBRARY – Too Late, Too Late (CD, 12″ & 7″ Singles)

Mercury 1721391 / 1723873 / 1721392: 19th February 2007
1. Too Late, Too Late (Original / Dirtee Stankin Remix / Dirtee Stankin Remix Instrumental)
“Why must I always play the clown, it makes it too easy for them to put you down”
2. Bread + Roses (Original / Live From Let’s Get Lost)
“So what you gonna do with all that cash, it must get boring, being so flash”
3. Woman On The Hill
“There was a woman who lived on the hill, they warned me boy, she’s very ill you know, I went to see the lady on the hill, she wasn’t ill, she was beautiful”

‘Too Late, Too Late’ is another insanely catchy single from Mr Hudson & The Library. Don’t be put off by their image, which might lead you to believe they where some inhuman combination of Sting, No Doubt and Orson. This is a perfect fusion of Reggae, Jazz, Soul and a large injection of Pop. The deep Bass rumbles in the background while Steel-Drums and Piano dance over the top. It’s even better than their last single
‘Bread + Roses’ (Which is included here for your convenience in the original version and a sensational live rendition).

Always the bride’s-maid never-the-bride man Lethal Bizzle and friends contribute a superb cut-up remix of the A-side with extra lines spat over the top. Last but not least is the haunting B-side ‘Woman On The Hill’. It’s a gorgeous mix of chopped up Acoustic Guitars and Mr Hudson’s wistful lyrics.

Click here to buy Mr Hudson & The Library’s incredible new album from HMV for only £8.99.

Here are links to watch videos of ‘Too Late, Too Late’, ‘Too Late, Too Late (Live On Later)’, ‘Bread + Roses’ and ‘Bread + Roses (Live Acapella)’ on YouTube.

Mr Hudson & The Library Website / Mr Hudson & The Library MySpace