PARTY BEN – mp3 Downloads

I was first blown away by Party Ben’ skills when I heard his seamless blend of Company B and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. When I went to his site I was delighted to discover he’s sharing hours of mashed-up fun. If you were wondering what the original unreleased version of Coldplay’s ‘Talk’ sounded like with the Kraftwerk sample then ‘Computer Talk’ might be the closest you’re gonna get. ‘Galvanize The Empire’ had me mentaly re-editing footage of Star Wars to fit the music.

Below you’ll find those three tracks and six of my other favourites but I reccomend spending a weekend sampling the many other delights on offer on his brilliant website. Most tracks are accompanied by a self-depricating review from the man himself. There’s mp3s, videos, artwork and full length mixes, check it out.

Chic Vs The Beastie Boys Vs Franz Feerdinand – (Triple) Freak Me Out mp3
Coldplay Vs Kraftwerk – Computer Talk mp3
Lyrics Born Vs The Average White Band – Callin’ Up The Pieces mp3
Company B Vs Yeah Yeah Yeahs & Diplo – Fascinated By Gold mp3
The Chemical Brothers Vs John Williams – Galvanize The Empire mp3
Michael Jackson Vs Nelly Furtado – Promiscuous With You mp3

The White Stripes Vs Eric B. & Rakim & Coldcut – Pump Up The Doorbell mp3
Eminem – Without Me (Party Ben’s Nobody Listens To Techno Remix) mp3
Meco Vs Public Enemy Vs Earth Wind & Fire – Bring The Wars mp3

Party Ben Website

7 Comments to “PARTY BEN – mp3 Downloads”

  1. eminem in remix is very funny

  2. I just heard the coldplay vs kraftwerk mashup on WKNC. Brought a smile to my face 🙂

  3. Heard these and was blown away by the mixing capabilities of party ben. Each track is brilliant in its own right!

  4. thanks alot man. really appreciate all the mixes, all thumbs up. update them, keep us entertained, we are making it ur job as of now!

  5. sorry, where is rss feed of your blog?

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