HAVANA GUNS – N.Y.C.S. (7″ Single)

Cigarette Music CIG7003: 19th March 2007
1. N.Y.C.S.
“I, I’m gonna find a new city, a new land my friend, and I, I’m gonna find, ’cause I’m mean, and I will last”
2. I Want To Die
“I know she will come to me, show me who I’m going to be, dragging myself through your empty streets, shivering from the heat”

‘N.Y.C.S.’ or “New York City Sky” is the second single by London based band Havana Guns. It’s a powerful combination of Zoë Durante’s yearning vocals and a propulsive music that brings to mind The Strokes and The Velvet Underground throwing a big Pop party. The vocals have a confidence and richness that you don’t find in most five-piece bands and it’s got that intoxicating “Pulling out of here to win” Springsteen vibe. ‘I Want To Die’ has got a catchy riff and warm Debbie Harry vocals and sounds like The Long Blondes at their best.

You can order the ‘N.Y.C.S.’ or ‘She Always Goes Down’ 7″s straight from Cigarette Music’s Website for just £2.49 each.

Havana Guns – N.Y.C.S. mp3
Havana Guns – I Want To Die mp3
Havana Guns – She Always Goes Down mp3
Havana Guns – The Snake mp3

Here are links to watch videos for ‘N.Y.C.S.’ and ‘She Always Goes Down’ on YouTube.

Havana Guns Website / Havana Guns MySpace / Cigarette Music Website


2 Comments to “HAVANA GUNS – N.Y.C.S. (7″ Single)”

  1. can’t stand their fifth form chest beatin’ shouty, psuedo rebelious turgid rock myself.

  2. Re: Walker. Obviously I disagree, but that’s one damn fine put-down! My compliments sir/madam.


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