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March 25, 2007

MANIC STREET PREACHERS – Underdogs (7″ Single / Free Download)

Columbia 88697075597: 19th March 2007
“This ones for the freaks, beaten down and lost, the shy and withdrawn, or just out of touch”

The lord be praised, a new Manics single! They rank amongst my all-time favourite artists and I’ve got almost all their records (Within financial constraints). The two fantastic solo albums have tided me over since the limited edition ‘God Save The Manics’ EP from two years ago, but this ones the real deal… “This ones for the freaks!”

I haven’t heard the as-yet unreleased ‘Send Away The Tigers’ album that this single is gleamed from, so I couldn’t comment on that. However, ‘Underdogs’ is a savage return to the kind of thunderous Rock ‘n’ Roll that made their debut album so much fun. Specifically, it brings to mind the “Us against them” anthemic qualities of songs like ‘Stay Beautiful’ (It even has the line “You’re so Beautiful”). It’s got a menacing Bass line from Nicky, violent Drums from Sean and best of all, cataclysmicly massive power-chords from James.

‘Underdogs’ is released as a super-limited 7″ (You’re gonna have to check Ebay for it) and as a free mp3. You can get ‘Underdogs’ by signing up for the mailing list on the MSP Website.

Here are eight rarities I’ve dug out from my collection. Enjoy, and then click here to pre-order the new album from HMV for only £8.99.

Antarctic mp3 (Japan only bonus track)
Bright Eyes (Live 1994) mp3 (Haunting acoustic cover from Richey’s last gig)
Happy Ending mp3 (Greatest Hits B-side)
Let Robeson Sing (Ian Brown Remix) mp3 (Witness Ian’s rapping skills!)
Little Trolls mp3 (Cassette only B-side)
Sculpture Of Man mp3 (Holy Bible B-side)
She Is Suffering (Acoustic) mp3
Too Cold Here mp3 (Holy Bible B-side)

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