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March 12, 2007

MR HUDSON & THE LIBRARY – Too Late, Too Late (CD, 12″ & 7″ Singles)

Mercury 1721391 / 1723873 / 1721392: 19th February 2007
1. Too Late, Too Late (Original / Dirtee Stankin Remix / Dirtee Stankin Remix Instrumental)
“Why must I always play the clown, it makes it too easy for them to put you down”
2. Bread + Roses (Original / Live From Let’s Get Lost)
“So what you gonna do with all that cash, it must get boring, being so flash”
3. Woman On The Hill
“There was a woman who lived on the hill, they warned me boy, she’s very ill you know, I went to see the lady on the hill, she wasn’t ill, she was beautiful”

‘Too Late, Too Late’ is another insanely catchy single from Mr Hudson & The Library. Don’t be put off by their image, which might lead you to believe they where some inhuman combination of Sting, No Doubt and Orson. This is a perfect fusion of Reggae, Jazz, Soul and a large injection of Pop. The deep Bass rumbles in the background while Steel-Drums and Piano dance over the top. It’s even better than their last single
‘Bread + Roses’ (Which is included here for your convenience in the original version and a sensational live rendition).

Always the bride’s-maid never-the-bride man Lethal Bizzle and friends contribute a superb cut-up remix of the A-side with extra lines spat over the top. Last but not least is the haunting B-side ‘Woman On The Hill’. It’s a gorgeous mix of chopped up Acoustic Guitars and Mr Hudson’s wistful lyrics.

Click here to buy Mr Hudson & The Library’s incredible new album from HMV for only £8.99.

Here are links to watch videos of ‘Too Late, Too Late’, ‘Too Late, Too Late (Live On Later)’, ‘Bread + Roses’ and ‘Bread + Roses (Live Acapella)’ on YouTube.

Mr Hudson & The Library Website / Mr Hudson & The Library MySpace

March 2, 2007

OPERATOR PLEASE – Just A Song About Ping Pong (Double 7″ EP)

Brille BRILEP17S: 19th February 2007
1. Just A Song About Ping Pong
“I got another fifty seconds and I’m ready to play”
2. Crash Tragic
“Operator, operator please, I think my brain has got a disease, operator, operator please, I don’t like when people see my knees”
3. Get What You Want
“Attack, attack, my disposition, your tennis shoes, oh get your ten issues, what ever am I to do?”
4. Two For My Seconds
“It’s fantastic, mesmerise my memory, childhood thoughts can comfort me, in this house of mine”
5. Waiting By The Car
“This ain’t lying, speak the truth, droppin’ names, I know it works for you”

Operator Please are a band for anyone like me that felt Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ latest offering just wasn’t crazy enough. This new release on Brille from Australian band Operator Please packages together their first four-track EP with a new song called ‘Just A Song About Ping Pong’. It features a rapid-fire, tongue-twisting, half Rapped chorus set against slashing Guitars and dramatic drumming. They even find time to slip in some handclaps and a Violin break which adds up to the most exciting couple of minutes I’ve heard in a long while. I’ll have to take their word that it’s “Just A Song About Ping Pong” since I can barely make out the lyrics… but who cares when it’s this good.

Their theme song ‘Crash Tragic’ is a rabid take on 60s girl-group Pop with creepy horror movie keyboards. ‘Get What You Want’ has got a rumbling Bass line so deep that it makes everything around me shake, a bit of Manzarek Organ and some thrilling Cobain-like Guitar strangulation. ‘Two For My Seconds’ stands out instantly from the first three thrashers because it’s a simple well crafted Pop song. The lovely strings and summery melody had me whistling along and it’s got the feel of a breezier Arcade Fire. The last song has a mental Violin attempting a duel with a Heavy Guitar riff to stunning effect. This is a wholly satisfying five-course meal of an EP and a great way to spend a quarter of an hour. An album is promised later in the year and I can’t wait.

You can buy the EP digitally from Rough Trade for £3.49 by clicking here.

Here are links to watch a tour film on YouTube: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

Operator Please Website / Operator Please MySpace
Brille Website / Brille MySpace