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April 3, 2007

KINGS OF LEON – On Call (CD Single)

Hand Me Down HMD51: 26th March 2007
1. On Call
“And when they fall, to pieces, Lord you know, I’ll be there laughing”
2. My Third House
“How many souls will it take, how many necks will you break”

When Kings Of Leon arrived on the music scene they where branded as Southern copyists of The Strokes (Brilliant copyists at that). Yet, unlike the Strokes they’ve seemingly had no problems coming up with fantastic second and (From the sound of this single) third albums.

‘On Call’ is their first release in almost two years and from the sound of it they’ve been very busy. What’s this I hear as I press play… a Synthesiser, no it can’t be, then Joy Division Drums and then vaguely Metal Guitars as I check the CD to be sure it’s really Kings Of Leon. So, out goes the Neil Young influenced rock of the first two brilliant albums, but Caleb’s distinctive pained, slightly hysterical vocals still make this unmistakably Kings Of Leon. It’s all finished off with a sky-scarping Guitar solo that’s simply built for stadiums. ‘My Third House’ is even better, as I’d expect from a band renowned for the quality (And sadly scarcity) of their B-sides. It’s got those thrilling moments when Caleb’s vocals get so manic that you can’t understand a word he’s singing.

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