ALTERKICKS / LARRIKIN LOVE – Good Luck (Split 7″ Single)

B-Unique BUN1237: 26th March 2007
1. Good Luck (Performed By Alterkicks)
“If I run and you walk, if I smile and you talk, we can make all of this, seem like it’s not your fault”
2. Good Luck (Performed By Larrikin Love)
“We arranged to meet black suited, at a quarter past seven, I was inexperienced, due to living in Devon”

Alterkicks’ new single is a catchy bit of Indie-Rock but the reason you really need this 7″ is because the brilliant Larrikin Love have completely reworked ‘Good Luck’ on the flip side.  They’ve redone the song in their Folk-Libertines style and Edward Larrikin has completely rewrote the lyrics and even changed the chorus from “I wish you good luck” to “I wish you no luck”.  The melody is the only thing that’s been kept and the words have got the kind seemingly effortless wit that you’d usually only find from Morrissey.

Click here to buy Alterkicks’ singles from HMV.

You can get a free track from Alterkicks by signing up for the members-area on their Website.

Click here to watch the video for ‘Good Luck’ on YouTube.

Alterkicks Website / Alterkicks MySpace
Larrikin Love Website / Larrikin Love MySpace


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