MP3 OF THE WEEK: Freddie Cruger (Feat. Linn) – Pushing On

“Hey friend, can you borrow me a hundred grand? No I cannot, ’cause I’m stuck in the same quick sand”

This is the first post in a new feature where I put up one song that’s been blowing my mind in the last week. It might be ages old or brand spanking new but it’ll be up for seven days only, so get it while you can.

I got ‘Pushing On’ from Tru Thoughts’ recent label sampler CD which featured incestuous chunks of Soul, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Funk and extra pinches of Latin flavour. The consistent quality of the tracks on the compilation was astounding, with classic cuts from artists like Alice Russell, Nostalgia 77, Spengler and Dirty Diggers. But Linn’s spine tingling vocals on ‘Pushing On’ set it apart. Freddie Cruger’s production combines a slinky Bass line with deft touches like clicking fingers and the ring of cash registers. There’s even a bit of Marvin thrown in at the end. This could be track of the year, never mind the week.

Freddie Cruger (Feat. Linn) – Pushing On mp3

Click here to buy the Tru Thoughts sampler from HMV for an unbelievable £3.99! Do yourself a favour and get a copy.

Click here to order Freddie Cruger’s album from HMV for £8.99.

Freddie Cruger MySpace / Linn MySpace
Tru Thoughts Website / Tru Thoughts MySpace


3 Comments to “MP3 OF THE WEEK: Freddie Cruger (Feat. Linn) – Pushing On”

  1. Big up, for feeling the track!!!!


  2. Re: Freddie. Keep making tracks like that, so far it’s gotta be track of the year. Shivers down my spine every time!


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