1965 Records OLIVECD017: 26th March 2007
1. Keep Loving Me
“You keep coming back for more, until I tell you stop-ah, don’t want you anymore”
2. Out Of This World

“I am tired, I am down, I am out of this world”
3. Not Alone
“Your insecurity always gets the better of you”
4. Time
“For those who sang this blues, I tell you, please welcome on board”
5. 4 Yrs
“If all I ever get is to dream about it, think you’d find me swinging one day”
6. Trafalgar Square
“Summer hot and humid, everybody is sweating and hanging around”

I was seriously in need of sleep when I ordered this EP and I mistook it for a long lost Psychedelic gem from 1965 (From the quick listen I gave it). It is in fact a brand new offering from London’s The Draytones on 1965 Records. It’s testament to the bands skills, that this could easily be mistaken for a genuine Garage Rock nugget.

‘Keep Loving Me’ is a stunning mix of loud clattering Drums and dirt raw Guitars that’d match up to anything by The Sonics. ‘Out Of This World’ is like something from The White Album because of the style, the fun and the song writing pedigree. ‘Not Alone’ is a wonderful melancholy mid point on the EP and ‘Time’ brings to mind The Kinks or Syd era Pink Floyd. ‘4 Yrs’ is a gently rolling little number and ‘Trafalgar Square’ is a woozy Jazz club ditty. The Draytones’ clever mimicking of the 60’s greats will draw criticism from some quarters, but that happened to Oasis and look how many records they’ve sold. Expect big things from a band that make it seem like great tunes come like running water.

Click here to buy the EP from HMV for only £5.99.

Click here to watch the video for ‘Keep Loving Me’ on YouTube. It’s a cunningly shot piece that could fool you into thinking it was a thrilling vintage clip (Jerry Lee Lewis, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones).

The Draytones Website / The Draytones MySpace

3 Comments to “THE DRAYTONES – Forever On (CD EP)”

  1. Absolutely beautiful review, It’s the first time since the album was released, that someone goes song by song with a little description of each and stands out some lyrics segments.
    Your review made my/our day.
    Many thanks whoever wrote it.
    The Draytones

  2. Re: Gab. Glad I made your day. You’ve just made mine. It’s great when I get a bit of feedback from the people I’m reccomending. All the reviews are written by me (Ryan aka stop me) from my computer in Carlisle. I’ll have to get a copy of your 7″ from somewhere too, to get that extra B-side. There is a growing ‘1965 records’ section in my record collection. They’ve got some great bands.

    It’s great that the album comes with printed lyrics, it should be a legal requirement to supply them in my opinion. If you check any band forum, half the posts are requests for lyrics.

    Good luck, looking forward to your next release.


  3. You’ve got great insights about stand up comedian from salford, keep up the good work!

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