THE ACUTES – Set On You (CD Single)

Bad Sneakers Records BADSNEAK05CD: 2nd April 2007
1. Set On You
“Once again, I love the clothes you wear, once again, I love the time we spent”
2. Rumba
“I was a young Halle Berry, said the girl in the cap, to the bishop in the back of the bar”

‘Set On You’ came in at number twenty-two in my ‘Top 100 Tracks Of 2005’ and it’s finally getting an official release in 2007… better late than never! It’s such a simple and efficient tune seemingly built around the notion of: 1 – Lay down killer repetitive Guitar riff, 2 – Shout some bizarre lyrics about hanging your head in glue over the top… and that’s job done. It’s a joyous, playful, celebratory record that brightens my day every time I hear it. ‘Rumba’ is an emotional mini-epic with a detailed story at its heart, told in the style of Black Francis fronting The Smiths with hints of The Velvet Underground (And of course, Rumba Drums).

Click here to buy The Acutes’ singles from HMV.

Here are links to watch videos for ‘Set On You’ and last single ‘When I Left Work Today’ on YouTube.

The Acutes – When I Left Work Today mp3

The Acutes MySpace / Bad Sneakers Records Website


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