ARCADE FIRE – Keep The Car Running (7″ Single)

Mercury 1726840: 2nd April 2007
1. Keep The Car Running
“There’s a fear I keep so deep, knew it’s name just before I could speak”
2. Broken Window
“I gained the world, but I lost your trust, they throw their money at ya, it ain’t easy to adjust”

This is the first physical single from Arcade Fire’s new album (Released a month ago) and perhaps I’m old fashioned, but I don’t think a record’s really “Out” until you can hold it in your hands. That said, the plain packaging of this 7″ is a little disappointing in comparison to my other treasured Arcade Fire releases that seemed to strive to create tactile multi-textured artefacts.

‘Keep The Car Running’ is repetitive by the usual Arcade Fire standards, there’s no quiet first half and no loud second half. It simply builds in intensity until it reaches an almost unbearable bursting point and then suddenly stops. It’s shockingly abrupt and had me reaching for the replay button instantly. It’s got the usual delirious mixture of instruments all adding up to a powerful whole and Win’s piercing voice floats over the top singing words of nervous paranoia. B-side ‘Broken Window’ has ominous rumbling Organs like the humming of engines and the lyrics seem to be lamenting the secret abduction of an man by the authorities and the anger this engenders in his loved ones.

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Here are two rare Arcade Fire mp3s, the first is a song that didn’t make it onto the new album and the second is (In my opinion anyway) one of the greatest covers ever recorded:

Arcade Fire – Burning Bridges Breaking Hearts (Live) mp3
Arcade Fire – Born On A Train (Live On KCRW) mp3

Arcade Fire Website / Arcade Fire MySpace / Us Kids Know Fansite


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