MALCOLM MIDDLETON – Beep Beep, I Love You (7″ Single)

Full Time Hobby FTH034S: 2nd April 2007
1. Beep Beep, I Love You
“I love you, there you go, three little words on a mobile phone, when are you coming home?”
2. Pick Me Up
“I write things to do today, then I’ll scratch them away, then it’s over to talk to the post box, I’ll pick me up”

‘Beep Beep, I Love You’ is a radio friendly version of ‘Fuck It, I Love You’ from Malcolm’s ‘A Brighter Beat’ album, although the swearing seems superfluous in this case.  It’s a dreamy Folk-Pop tune that bounces along with a Xylophone twinkling over the top until half way through, when unexpectedly huge Guitars explode.  This ‘Loneliness of the long distance texter’ song is a fine follow up to January’s brilliant ‘A Brighter Beat’ single.  ‘Pick Me Up’ is a fantastic B-side with words of determined self-belief (In the face of determined self-disbelief) backed by gorgeous uplifting Strings.

Click here to buy the ‘A Brighter Beat’ album from HMV for £9.99.

A Moaning Shite mp3

Malcolm Middleton Website / Malcolm Middleton MySpace
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3 Responses to “MALCOLM MIDDLETON – Beep Beep, I Love You (7″ Single)”

  1. I agree with you, since I came across Malcom Middleton I have just learned to appreciate his music more and more.

  2. I agree with your MALCOLM MIDDLETON – Beep Beep, I Love You (7″ Single) | Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before, superb post.


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