KLAXONS – Gravity’s Rainbow (Re-Issue CD Single)

Polydor/Rinse RINSE003CD: 9th April 2007
Gravity’s Rainbow (Original / Soulwax Remix)
“Come ride with me through ruined lip-lock, across Tangian deserts we’ll flock, madcap Medusa, flank my foghorn, we’ll change four seasons with our first born”

It’s often been mentioned that Klaxon’s are a bit short of tunes, but they do have a couple of gems and ‘Gravity’s Rainbow’ is definitely one of them.  It was their first release for A.R.C, then it came out on Kitsuné records and now this is the third for Polydor.  It’s the usual unstoppable mix of House Pianos, grinding Bass, mental nonsense lyrics and frenetic Drums, but any single with a euphoric chorus of “Come with me, come with me, we’ll travel to infinity!” is always going to work.  The always-reliable Soulwax have turned in something very special on the B-side.  They’ve extended ‘Gravity’s Rainbow’ to six minutes and made it even more danceable… and I thought that would’ve been impossible!

Click here to buy the single from 7Digital.

Click here to watch the original video for ‘Gravity’s Rainbow’ on YouTube.

Click here to buy the ‘Myths Of The Near Future’ album from HMV for only £6.99.

Klaxons Website / Klaxons MySpace / Soulwax Website / Soulwax MySpace


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