MP3 OF THE WEEK: The Bamboos (Feat. Ohmega Watts) – Get In The Scene

“We’re all in together now ha, let’s make it happen, from the project blocks, to estates out in the Hamptons”

‘Get In The Scene’ is the second ‘Mp3 Of The Week’ in a row to feature a track from the wonderful Tru Thoughts label. Last time it was from Freddie Cruger and Linn, this time it’s from Australian Funk instrumentalists The Bamboos with added guest rhymes from Ohmega Watts who hails from the state of Oregon in the US of A.

I picked up the ‘Get In The Scene’ 45 from Piccadilly records and I’ve been playing it non-stop since (The b-side is an instrumental version of the A-side). The Bamboos lay down a Funky groove with shades of James Brown, Curtis Mayfield and Jimmy Smith while Ohmega Watts spits J5 style rhymes over the top. He re-uses The Beastie Boys‘ “If you, wanna know, wanna know, the real deal…” chorus from ‘Triple Trouble’ but the Beastie’s probably lifted that from someone else anyway. ‘Get In The Scene’ is near perfect summer-infused Hip-Pop. Enjoy!

The Bamboos (Feat. Ohmega Watts) – Get In The Scene mp3

Click here to buy The Bamboos’ last album ‘Step It Up’ from HMV for £8.99.

And click here to buy Ohmega Watts’s ‘The Find’ album from HMV for £9.99.

The Bamboos Website / The Bamboos MySpace / Ohmega Watts Website
Ohmega Watts MySpace / Tru Thoughts Website / Tru Thoughts MySpace


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