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April 16, 2007

KID ACNE – Eddy Fresh / Oh No You Didn’t (7″ Single)

Lex Records LEX008SVN: 9th April 2007
1. Eddy Fresh
“Enough men be so short sighted, you say up norf, and they think High Barnet”
2. Oh No You Didn’t
“Eddy Fresh will introduce you, to a style you ain’t used to, fresh, fly, wild and brutal, missing link from old to new skool”

Double A-side ‘Eddy Fresh / Oh No You Didn’t’ is the most fun, insane, non-stop Hip-Hop 7″ since The Beastie Boys‘ last single. But this isn’t from NY, it’s unmistakably British, due to references to things like “Cillit Bang” and the use of the term “Nincompoops”. The backing track of ‘Eddy Fresh’ had me imagining Ian Dury & The Blockheads exploring the possibilities of the turntable and ‘Oh No You Didn’t’ is a careening mix of Klaxons Electro-Punk with a bit of Motörhead thrown in. If Shaun Ryder had considered a career as a Rap star it would’ve probably sounded a little like this.

Click here to watch the sidesplitting video for ‘Reality Raps’ on YouTube.

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