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April 17, 2007

HOT CLUB DE PARIS – Shipwreck / Your Face Looks All Wrong: Remixes (7″ Single)

Moshi Moshi MOSHI48: 16th April 2007
1. Shipwreck (Jamie T & Ben Bones’ Stormy Weather Mix)
“Drowning Bitter, despite of all the late nights, drug abuse, lost times, swear man she just gets fitter”
2. Your Face Looks All Wrong (Lo-Fi-Fnk’s Scouse House Mix)
“Your, your, your face looks all wrong”

Ben Bones and Jamie T (Creator of 2007’s best album so far) have waved a production wand over Hot Club De Paris’ last single ‘Shipwreck’. Jamie’s remix of Gorillaz‘s ‘Kids With Guns’ was nothing short of genius so I expect a lot. I’m not disappointed by Jamie’s insane mix of Folk, Jazz, Ska, messed up Laptronic Bangra (If there is such a thing) and brand new lyrics delivered at almost incomprehensible speeds. With Hot Club De Paris’ shouts of “Stormy weather” it comes across like some mad drunken sing-along on board a fishing trawler.

Any remixer is going to be the underdog when they’re pared up with Jamie T, but Sweden’s Lo-Fi-Fnk rises to the challenge. He’s turned in an hilariously named ‘Scouse House’ remix of ‘Your Face Looks All Wrong’ that comes off like a swarm of killer Bees fighting to the death with a bunch of Ducks while trapped in a Synthesiser!

Check out the original versions of the two tracks if you like your Indie Guitar music to be as mad as Phil Spector.

Shipwreck (Jamie T & Ben Bones’ Stormy Weather Mix) mp3
Your Face Looks All Wrong (Lo-Fi-Fnk’s Scouse House Mix) mp3

Click here to buy Hot Club De Paris’ brilliantly titled ‘Drop It Till It Pops’ album from HMV for £9.99.

Click here to buy Jamie T’s essential debut album from HMV for £8.99.

Click here to buy Lo-Fi-Fnk’s ‘Boylife’ album from HMV for £9.99.

Click here to watch the fantastic nautical video for ‘Shipwreck’ on YouTube.

Hot Club De Paris MySpace / Jamie T Website / Jamie T MySpace
Lo-Fi-Fnk Website / Lo-Fi-Fnk MySpace / Moshi Moshi Website

April 17, 2007

THE RUMBLE STRIPS / AMY WINEHOUSE – Back To Black (Split 7″ Promo)

Fallout Records FALLOUT10: 9th April 2007
1. The Rumble Strips – Back To Black
“I love too much, but it wasn’t enough, you love blow, and I hate that stuff”
2. Amy Winehouse – Back To Black (The Rumble Strips Remix)
“I love you much, it’s not enough, you love blow, and I love puff”

Joy! Two of my favourite artists coming together on one 7″. The first track is a cover of the title song from Amy Winehouse’s superb ‘Back To Black’ album by 2007-heroes-in-waiting The Rumble Strips. They’ve upped the tempo and recorded it in their now familiar Kevin Rowland meets Rock-a-billy style. It’s got oodles of Ennio Morricone atmosphere and if 2.15-2.51 isn’t the standoff bit from a Sergio Leone film, I don’t know what is. On the second track The Rumble Strips have created an entirely new backing track for Amy’s vocal. Instead of Mark Ronson‘s vibrant Supremes referencing production they’ve gone for a more subtle early Dexys style. It’s a far better match to Amy’s melancholy lyrics than the original and could be Remix of the year.

‘The Rumble Strips Remix’ will be included as a B-side on Amy’s single later this month and the cover will probably be available on The Rumble Strips’ next single ‘Motorcycle’, but I don’t actually know, so it could only be available here.

Click here to buy Amy’s ‘Back To Black’ album from HMV for £8.99. But surely you’ve already got it, unless you’ve got some grudge against your ears.

The Rumble Strips – Back To Black mp3
Amy Winehouse – Back To Black (The Rumble Strips Remix) mp3

Amy Winehouse – Love Is A Losing Game (Acoustic) mp3
(Heart-breaking stuff)

As of this moment you can still pre-order the 7″ from Rough Trade by clicking here.

Click here to watch the video for ‘Back To Black’ on YouTube.

Amy Winehouse Website / Amy Winehouse MySpace
The Rumble Strips Website / The Rumble Strips MySpace