DAN LE SAC VS SCROOBIUS PIP – Thou Shalt Always Kill (7″ Single)

Lex Records LEX044: 16th April 2007
1. Thou Shalt Always Kill (Original / Knifehandchop Remix)
“Thou shalt not judge a book by it’s cover, thou shalt not judge Lethal Weapon by Danny Glover”
2. Angles
“Things in life aren’t always quite what they seem, there’s more one given angle, to any one given scene, so bare that in mind next time you try to intervene”

I had ‘Thou Shalt Always Kill’ for ages as a low quality demo, then a brilliant session recorded for XFM and now the final version is released at last. I’ve been listening to Scroobius Pip since my brother recommended him to me a year ago on the first part of his fantastic ‘Listen To This’ series. Without so much as a pause for breath, Scroob lists his personal pop-culture commandments, slays Rock’s Holy-Cows and hails national treasure Stephen Fry while wittily dismissing incomprehensibly average Pop-Metalers Lost Prophets. To fully appreciate this tune, I suggest following Chuck D‘s advice “Learn the words, you might sing this”.

Knifehandchop’s remix is an essential bit of Electro freakery but the omission of most of Scroob’s words left me wondering if it could have been so much more. ‘Angels’ was just one highlight from Scroobius Pip’s brilliant 2006 album ‘No Commercial Breaks’. Dan Le Sac’s remake was one of the first collaboration tracks I heard but it was called the ‘DJ Sackboy Remix’. Instead of the minimal Beatboxing of the original, Dan’s laid down a pulsating production that builds in intensity, mirroring the escalating anger of the words. It’s a sobering lesson on how our actions can effect other people in ways that we can hardly conceive.

The 7″ is hard to come by, but you can buy it digitally from Bleep, 7Digital, Rough Trade Digital and Play Louder.

Here are links to watch videos for ‘Thou Shalt Always Kill’ and ‘Unspoken Word Poetry’ on YouTube.

You can buy ‘No Commercial Breaks’ via PayPal on Scroobius Pip’s MySpace page for just £7. You won’t regret it.

Scroobius Pip – 1000 Words mp3
Dan Le Sac – Times Change mp3

Click here to read some of Scroobius Pip’s lyrics. Witness the genius.

Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip MySpace / Lex Records Website
Scroobius Pip Website / Scroobius Pip MySpace
Dan Le Sac Website / Dan Le Sac MySpace
Knifehandchop Website / Knifehandchop MySpace

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