ORPHAN BOY – Postcode (CD Single)

Concrete CONC007: 30th April 2007
1. Postcode
“The flats at night are silhouettes, with burned out cars like cigarettes, the corner shops are living wrecks, the sun won’t shine through those metal shutters”
2. John Mellor
“Trying hard to forget your manners, half-cut on cheap whiskey, my vision was blurred, still I know that John Mellor had been there”

‘Postcode’ is a terrifying snapshot of the UK in the 21st Century akin to watching Tim Roth‘s 1982 film ‘Made In Britain’. Rob Cross’ vitriolic screams of “I got the noose made out for you” don’t sound like an idle threat, he means it. It’s a voice that brings to mind PIL era Lydon and the music has the raw savagery of Punk in it’s early vital days. But under the seething vocals and dirty Guitars there’s a Pop core with the Drums reminding me of 60’s girlgroups.

‘John Mellor’ was the real name of Joe Strummer and Orphan Boy’s song is a passionate and personal tribute to the great man. It’s testament to Joe Strummer that he can still inspire bands to such heights of adrenaline fuelled celebration.

Click here to watch the video for ‘Postcode’.

Click here to pre-order the single from HMV.

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