MP3 bonanza!!

For the last fortnight, I’ve had serious problems with uploading files and general bandwidth issues. I’ve been tearing my hair out, but thanks to the guys at Box.Net tech support the problems are fixed, and to celebrate here are twelve random but brilliant mp3s…

Badly Drawn Boy‘s best single in years gets that little bit better thanks to The Go! Team:
Badly Drawn Boy – A Journey From A To B (Go! Team Remix) mp3

One of Phil‘s finest moment gets enhanced by some edgy Bloc Party beats:
Bloc Party Vs Phil Collins – She’s Hearing Voices In The Air Tonight mp3

Highlight and title track from Bobby Conn‘s (Pictured above) brilliant new album:
Bobby Conn – King For A Day mp3

An extract from Demetri Martin‘s bizarre and hilarious live comedy CD:
Demetri Martin – Some Jokes mp3

This Eddie Cochran song is 50 years old and still fresh as a daisy:
Eddie Cochran – Summertime Blues mp3

Example raps over a cut-up of Tracy Chapman courtesy of his incredible producer Rusher:
Example – I Need A Fast Car (With Tracy Chapman) mp3

Insanely catchy Pop song with a possibly unique subject matter from the ex Modern Lover:
Jonathan Richman – I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar mp3

Lee Hazlewood uses American Football as a metaphor for the Iraq war:
Lee Hazlewood – Baghdad Knights mp3

The best track from the essential ‘Yellow Pills: Prefill’ compilation:
Luxury – Green Hearts mp3

Pablo‘s mind-blowing track created from cutting up countless Accapellas and stitching them back together:
Pablo – Story Of Sampling mp3

Apparently, soon to be covered on The White Stripes‘ new album:
Patti Page – Conquest mp3

Weird Al‘s pisstake of James Blunt‘s infamous single, officially unreleased due to objections from Blunt’s record label (Even though Blunt gave the go ahead):
“Weird Al” Yankovic – You’re Pitiful mp3

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