THE HEAVY – That Kind Of Man (7″ Single)

Evil Kitty EK002: 23rd April 2007
1. That Kind Of Man
“I been thinkin’ ’bout our love, show me something, cos what you give is not enough”
2. Who Needs The Sunshine?
“Don’t need no big train, or Cigarette, I got more’n I need, to complete the set, and make picturesque”

‘That Kind Of Man’ is Psychedelic, fuzz Guitar, distorted monster worthy of Led Zeppelin but the vocals have the sweet soul tones of Curtis Mayfield.  Soul music that makes you want to head-bang and make the sign of the devil… surely not?  B-side ‘Who Needs The Sunshine?’ is something totally different with the spine-tingling vocals of a rasping Nina Simone.

The single is available to buy from ‘Don’t Touch Recordings’ by clicking here.

The Heavy Website / The Heavy MySpace / Evil Kitty MySpace

2 Comments to “THE HEAVY – That Kind Of Man (7″ Single)”

  1. Now signed to Ninjatune offshoot Counter records (home of pop levi)

  2. these are the sounds needed at this point.
    enough glib more grunt thanks

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