MP3 OF THE WEEK: The Rumble Strips – Motorcycle (New Version) mp3

“But it’s all just a dream, I’m actually moving quite slowly, the air is nice and clean, but my bicycle seat is so lonely”

I had to get a copy of The Rumble Strips’ re-recording of their debut single ‘Motorcycle’ but it’s not out until June, so I grabbed a promo CD off of Ebay. It’s one of the most completely satisfying productions I’ve ever heard and it sounds like the band are right there in the room with you and every instrument is distinct. To borrow a metaphor from the song, the original was a rickety old pushbike and this new version is a roaring Harley-Davidson!

The Rumble Strips – Motorcycle (New Version) mp3

Until June, you can buy old Rumble Strips releases from 7Digital and HMV.

Click here to watch the original classic video for ‘Motorcycle’ on YouTube.

The Rumble Strips Website / The Rumble Strips MySpace

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