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May 31, 2007

SATURDAY LOOKS GOOD TO ME – Money In The Afterlife (7″ Single)

Ernest Jenning Record Co. EJRC027: 14th May 2007
1. Money In The Afterlife
“I was waiting for a world that would never come, standing in line, sinking feels inexplicably, but always leaning towards some sort of light”
2. All The Sidewalk Birds
“You won’t see that trap, when all the synapses collapse, and when your body is a map, dotted with perforated lines”

‘Money In The Afterlife’ is a supremely catchy Indie-Pop tune that had me dancing around, whistling and singing along. The vocals bring to mind Wayne Coyne and the music is like Absentee meets The Beach Boys in heaven. ‘All The Sidewalk Birds’ is only slightly less joyous and resembles The Polyphonic Spree grabbing Guitars and Rocking out. Judging by these two songs and the quality of the mp3s below this Detroit band should be huge. Given that ‘Money In The Afterlife’ is taken from their forthcoming 5th album it seems about time.

You can buy the 7″ direct from the Ernest Jenning Record Co. by clicking here.

Saturday Looks Good To Me – Can’t Ever Sleep mp3
Saturday Looks Good To Me – Disaster mp3
Saturday Looks Good To Me – Lift Me Up mp3
Saturday Looks Good To Me – Meet By The Water mp3
Saturday Looks Good To Me – The Girl’s Distracted mp3

Click here to watch a wonderful live performance of ‘Can’t Ever Sleep’ on YouTube.

Saturday Looks Good To Me Website / Saturday Looks Good To Me MySpace

May 31, 2007

MP3 OF THE WEEK: LCD Soundsystem – No Love Lost mp3

“Two-way mirror in the hall, just to watch everything you do, transmitters hidden in the walls, so they know everything you say is true”

When LCD Soundsystem do a cover it’s usually something special so I was excited by this B-side from their latest single ‘All My Friends’. So far James Murphy has had a go at Harry Nilsson and Siouxsie & The Banshees with spectacular success, now he’s turned his hand to early Joy Division classic ‘No Love Lost’. It’s a fairly faithful cover recreating the brilliant slow building intro but omitting the “Some rare creature in a zoo…” voice over. That voice over on the original seemed heavily influenced by John Cale’s spoken word epic ‘The Gift’ from The Velvet Underground’s ‘White Light/White Heat’ album. Interestingly John Cale has done a brilliant cover of ‘All My Friends’ for LCD Soundsystem’s new 7″.

LCD Soundsystem – No Love Lost mp3

Click here to buy LCD Soundsystem’s new ‘Sound Of Silver’ album from HMV for only £7.99.

Click here to watch a performance of ‘No Love Lost’ on Later from last week (It’s only viewable ’til Friday night, so be quick).

Also here’s the original version for anyone who hasn’t heard it:

Joy Division – No Love Lost mp3

LCD Soundsystem Website / LCD Soundsystem MySpace

May 24, 2007

ABDOMINAL – Pedal Pusher (12″ EP)

Antidote ANTTW1020: 14th May 2007
1. Pedal Pusher (Original / Instrumental / Acapella)
“Don’t contest the champ with consecutive wins, clockwise wheel motion, like a record it spins”
2. Radio Friendly (Original / Instrumental / Acapella)
“Don’t a give fuck about American Idol or what song they sang at their latest recital, don’t give a fuck that Indie-Rock’s flavour of the month and I make Hip-Hop”

Lupe Fiasco already did skateboarding so Canada’s Abdominal has penned a tribute to his bicycle in the shape of ‘Pedal Pusher’. It’s like ‘Hey Bulldog’ by The Beatles with a one-man Jurassic 5 spitting over the top seasoned with an extra shake of Salt ‘n’ Pepa. You can enjoy the incredible beats of Young Einstein (From Ugly Duckling) via the Instrumental and there’s an Acapella too.

‘Radio Friendly’ is a list tune about all the things that Abdominal doesn’t “Give a fuck” about (And some things he does “Give a fuck” about). Cut Chemist (Formerly of Jurassic 5) is in the production chair providing some Drum heavy Funk breaks and in case you haven’t guessed the ‘Radio Friendly’ title is ironic. Once again Instrumental and Acapella versions are included for your delectation.

You can buy the EP from RecordStore by clicking here.

Click here to Pre-order Abdominal’s ‘Escape From The Pigeon Hole’ album from HMV for £8.99.

Abdominal – Abdominal Workout mp3
DJ Format (Feat. Abdominal) – Vicious Battle Raps mp3

Here are links to watch videos for Abdominal’s colabs with DJ Format… ‘3 Feet Deep’, ‘Vicious Battle Raps’, ‘The Hit Song’ and ‘Separated At birth’ on YouTube or click here to see the new ‘Abdominal Workout’ Video.

Abdominal MySpace / Ugly Duckling MySpace / Cut Chemist MySpace

May 24, 2007

HELLO SAFERIDE – I Was Definitely Made For These Times (7″ Single)

Regal REGALSC007: 14th May 2007
1. I Was Definitely Made For These Times
“Sure a woman should obey her man, sure when he can do the things I can, I was definitely made for these times, goin’ to church on Sundays, ruining my TV fun day”
2. The Quiz
“I like your record collection, Townes and Jens with a hint of Rickie Lee, and you cleaned up the bathroom, made a really nice soup, but a bit too much Sci-Fi in your shelf for DVDs”

‘I Was Definitely Made For These Times’ is the first UK release from Sweden’s Hello Saferide (aka Annika Norlin) and hasn’t appeared on any of her previous CDs.  ‘I Was Definitely Made For These Times’ has a pulsing Tom Petty beat and rich Pop production in line with the Beach Boys referencing title.  It makes me wanna dance around in the sunshine, clapping my hands in a Hare-Krishna stylee.  ‘The Quiz’ is even better and takes the form of a strict clipboard-toting test of a potential boyfriend.  It brings to mind classic 70s songwriters like Carole King or Joni Mitchell with a witty modern twist.

The single is available to buy from Rough Trade and HMV.

You can buy other Hello Saferide records from It’s A Trap, Razzia, Kurofune Records, CDON or Amazon.

Hello Saferide – Highschool Stalker mp3
Hello Saferide – If I Don’t Write This Song, Someone I Love Will Die mp3
Hello Saferide – Long Lost Penpal (Feat. Firefox AK) mp3
Hello Saferide – San Francisco mp3
Hello Saferide – The Quiz mp3
Hello Saferide – Valentine’s Day mp3

Here are links to watch videos for ‘The Quiz’, ‘Long Lost Penpal’, ‘If I Don’t Write This Song, Someone I Love Will Die’ and ‘My Best Friend’ on YouTube.

Hello Saferide Website / Hello Saferide MySpace

May 22, 2007

CSS – Let’s Make Love & Listen To Death From Above (Re-Issue 12″ EP)

Warner WEA418T: 14th May 2007
Let’s Make Love & Listen To Death From Above (Original / Simian Mobile Disco Remix / Hot Chip Remix / Calvin Harris Remix)
“Come back, I’ll warm you up, make me breakfast, I’ll make it up, you are so talented, I’m in love, let’s make love and listen to death from above”

This four-track EP couldn’t be more achingly cool if it came emersed in Liquid-Nitrogen. Not only does it feature CSS’ ubiquitous ode to ‘Death From Above 1979’ but it’s also been remixed by three of the hottest properties in electronic music, Simian Mobile Disco, Hot Chip and Calvin Harris.

You already know the original version, with it’s Knight-Rider meets eerie B-movie Sci-fi in Disco heaven sound. The ‘Simian Mobile Disco Remix’ is a slice of fidgety electronic freakery and the ‘Calvin Harris Remix’ is a retro-tastic Robo-Funk delight. Best of all is the ‘Hot Chip Remix’, which is like some weird extra-terrestrial siren-call inviting earthlings to a giant intergalactic party.

You can buy the EP from Rough Trade or HMV.

Click here to watch the video for ‘Let’s Make Love & Listen To Death From Above’ on YouTube.

Here are two brilliant remixes from the first time ‘Let’s Make Love & Listen To Death From Above’ was released on Sub Pop Records:

CSS – Let’s Make Love & Listen To Death From Above (Diplo Remix) mp3
CSS – Let’s Make Love & Listen To Death From Above (Spank Rock Remix) mp3

CSS Website / CSS MySpace / Simian Mobile Disco MySpace
Hot Chip MySpace
/ Calvin Harris MySpace

May 22, 2007

THE WALLBANGERS – Kick The Drugs (7″ EP)

Bang! Records BANG21: 14th May 2007
1. Kick The Drugs
“If I smoke Weed I get neurotic, Alcohol turns me psychotic, Heroin’s just a narcotic, S-S-S-Speed makes me despotic, if you’re on Crack-Cocaine you’re goin’ outta your brain, you’ve gotta pull the plug, you’ve gotta kick the drugs!”
2. Sex Appeal
“He had that look that all the magazines just love, he was splashed across the pages, they couldn’t get enough, and I hate to mention it, but all of this will pass”
3. The World Keeps Spinning Around
“The rivers seethe and boil, the oceans turn to oil, volcanoes all implode, the sky can now explode”
4. Love Assassin
“If you want me to take you home and nurse you on my knee, you better understand I’m on a killin’ spree”

The ‘Kick The Drugs’ EP comes from Mick Harvey (Of The Bad Seeds fame) and The Wallbangers and is the kind of raw Garage-Rock that The Stooges should still be making.  ‘Kick The Drugs’ has a searing riff that’s a little bit Heavy-Metal, a little bit ‘Live & Let Die’ and the best drugs related rant since Queens Of The Stone Age‘s ‘Feel Good Hit Of The Summer’.  When Mick’s howling voice comes in you’ll have a massive grin on your face, you’ll probably be making the sign of the devil and I’ve come to the conclusion that this record cannot be played loud enough… go on try!

The other three songs are almost as dark and thrilling as the A-side.  ‘Sex Appeal’ recalls ‘Shake Appeal’ in title, tone and maniacal fuzzed-out brilliance.  ‘The World Keeps Spinning Around’ is an apocalyptic dusty-desert love song and ‘Love Assassin’ is a sleazy Jon Spencer Psyche-Rocker.  As far as I know, this EP is a one off, I hope that’s not true but I’ll treasure these thirteen minutes anyway.

You can buy the EP by visiting Bang! Records, HMV or Rough Trade.

Mick Harvey – Everything Is Fixed mp3

The Wallbangers MySpace / Mick Harvey MySpace / Bang! Records Website

May 20, 2007

MP3 OF THE WEEK: Nellie McKay – Ding Dong mp3

“My cat died and I quickly poured myself some Gin, did she die from old age or was it for my sins, God I loved her oh so much, miss her little kitty touch”

I loved ‘Ding Dong’ when I first heard it in 2004 and could hardly stop listening, but somehow it eventually got forgotten amongst the mess of mp3s on my hard-drive and the music on my shelves. This week I dug it out again and rediscovered what a delightfully unusual song it is. ‘Ding Dong’ is a darkly amusing tale of mental illness wrapped up in pretty pink Pop bow. Not many lyricists would write a line that went “Chop your head off, be a lighter person” and certainly none would sing it in such a seemingly carefree way. But this is from the wicked wit of a girl who named her first album ‘Get Away From Me’ as a dig at Norah Jones‘ hugely successful (And hugely boring) album ‘Come Away With Me’. All the quirky-songstress plaudits may have gone to Regina Spektor, but Nellie McKay far outstrips her in both oddity and charm.

Nellie McKay – Ding Dong mp3

Click here to watch a wonderful live performance of ‘Ding Dong’ on Jools from a while back via YouTube.

Click here to buy either her first album ‘Get Away From Me’ or 2006’s follow up ‘Pretty Little Head’ from HMV.

Nellie McKay Website / Nellie McKay MySpace

May 20, 2007

THE DINING ROOMS – Ink EP 1 (12″ Single)

Schema SCEP429: 14th May 2007
1. Thank You? (Skwerl’s Ungrateful Love Mix / Skwerl’s Ungrateful Dub / Original)
“My son went to war in the name of peace, I hope you’ve seen he’s a hero, because he gave his life for freedom, so I suppose I should say thank you, once again”
2. Cobra Coral (The Juju Orchestra Remix)

‘Thank You?’ is a thoughtful, uplifting spoken-word House epic with a sweet Soul chorus.  Skwerl doubles the length and takes it further into that classic deep hypnotic House sound.  ‘Cobra Coral’ has more of a Latin groove and it’s perfect for chilling out after the euphoric heights of ‘Thank You?’.  This EP is worth buying for the colourful sleeve artwork alone.

Click here to buy the EP from Juno Records.

The Dining Rooms – Thank You? (Skwerl’s Ungrateful Love Mix) mp3

Click here to watch the video for ‘Thank You?’ on YouTube.

The Dining Rooms Website / The Dining Rooms MySpace / Skwerl MySpace

May 20, 2007

THE CRIBS – Men’s Needs (CD & 2x 7″ Singles)

Wichita WEBB124SCD/WEBB124S/WEBB124SX: 14th May 2007
1. Men’s Needs
“Have you noticed I’ve never been impressed, by your friends from New York and London, I’ll level accusations like the press, until you realise that you’ve dressed yourself in tatters”
2. The Fairer Sex
“If I could save the world I would, but no one seems to give a fuck”
3. Tonight
“I hold your hand in mine, tonight, say that things ain’t right, tonight”
4. I’ve Tried Everything (Acoustic)
“I thought that it would not be a problem, but I found out the night we rode the Circle Line, it ‘ad to ‘appen some time”

The Cribs are one of those bands that I’ve always wanted to like more than I actually did. I love their DIY ethic, their charm, their humour, their infamous tolerance for pain and for probably the funniest appearance on Nevermind The Buzzcocks ever. However, musically I’ve always felt they were never quite good enough but I’ve always been interested in buying their latest releases for those flashes of brilliance.

‘Men’s Needs’ is the best thing they’ve done since ‘Another Number’ and Alex Kapranos is behind the production desk. It’s got a brilliant repetitive riff with Ryan Jarman yelping over the top with his distinctive slightly camp lisp. ‘The Fairer Sex’ is nearly as good with an almost Oasis like sound while ‘Tonight’ recalls Ash at their most dreamy. ‘I’ve Tried Everything’ sounds pretty damn epic in this semi-acoustic version so god knows what it’s like on the album.

Click here to buy ‘Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever’ from HMV for only £8.99 (With a free DVD for a limited time).

The Cribs – Another Number mp3
The Cribs – Mirror Kisses mp3
The Cribs – North Of England mp3

Here are links to watch that whole Buzzcocks appearance on YouTube (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3) or just click here to witness the Live8 story.

Click here to watch the infamous video for ‘Men’s Needs’ on YouTube.

The Cribs Website / The Cribs MySpace

May 19, 2007

PLASTIC LITTLE – Crambodia (Re-Issue 7″ Single)

Make Mine MAMI006: 14th May 2007
Crambodia (Original / Joe Chip Remix)
“Uzi black, banana boat, I got banana-rama blow, yo what that mean, it means I got a lota coke”

‘Crambodia’ is the latest single from Plastic Little’s brilliant ‘She’s Mature’ album and features guest vocals from Amanda Blank, Ghostface Killah and Spankrock.  Like most Plastic Little tracks, it’s a glorious mess of absurd samples, furious rapping and tongue-in-cheek filthy language.  Joe Goddard from Hot Chip has done an excellent extended Electro remix on the B-side.

Click here to buy Plastic Little releases straight from their Website.

Plastic Little – The Jumpoff mp3 (Plastic Little’s finest moment)

Click here to buy the single from Rough Trade.

Here links to watch videos for ‘Rap O’ Clock’, ‘The Jumpoff’ and ‘All Ya’ll Niggas Dead’ on YouTube.

Visit the brilliant Angry Ape site to get a remix of ‘Crambodia’.

Plastic Little Website / She’s Mature Website / Plastic Little MySpace