ARCTIC MONKEYS – Favourite Worst Nightmare (Japanese Bonus Tracks)

Domino WIGCD188J: April 2007
13. Da Frame 2R
“007 & Brucey Wayne are shitting their selves because there’s another name coming to claim what is his to claim, 10% faster with a sturdier frame”
14. Matador
“There’s blood on your chin where you’ve bitten your tongue, smitten but might not be smitten for long, if you’re still sitting she’ll soon be smitten and gone”

A rare Japanese copy of the Arctic Moneys’ new album just landed on my doorstep and I thought I’d share the two exclusive bonus tracks with fans in the rest of the world.  No doubt you’ve already bought the regular version and been relieved that it’s a worthy follow up to the Debut LP.  In my opinion, ‘Fluorescent Adolescent’ has got hit single written all over it.  Sadly the UK release didn’t come with printed lyrics but that’s been remedied for the Japanese CD, so it’s worth tracking down just for that reason (Check Ebay).

Arctic Monkeys – Da Frame 2R mp3
Arctic Monkeys – Matador mp3

Click here to buy the UK version of ‘Favourite Worst Nightmare’ from HMV for only £8.99.

Arctic Monkeys Website / Arctic Monkeys MySpace / Arctic Monkeys Fansite

16 Responses to “ARCTIC MONKEYS – Favourite Worst Nightmare (Japanese Bonus Tracks)”

  1. Very cool. Thanks mate

  2. Domo Arigato!

  3. fab-o, thnkx matey!! 🙂

  4. thank for the songs!

  5. I love the bonus tracks, i got ’em off limewire.. the lyrics are class!

  6. Very good. Dunno why they didn’t do that here?!? 🙂 Just buying the matador ep were easy enough anyways…I like the artwork for it n all!

  7. I am glad that I noticed this site, precisely the right info that I was looking for!


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