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May 6, 2007

MP3 OF THE WEEK: Herman Dune – Song Of Samuel mp3

“My princess I can tell, from the beauty of this sound here, that with your instructor Samuel, that true love for you is found here”

I’ve been hooked on this B-side from Herman Dune’s new single for the last fortnight. It gets better and better with every listen. ‘Song Of Samuel’ is an intricately told story of the forbidden love between the daughter of a protective rich man and her lowly music teacher, but in the end her father’s heart is melted by the beautiful music the tutor has taught her. It usually takes a film director hours, or an author hundreds of pages, to pack in as much rich detail and beauty that Herman Dune manages in less than six minutes.

Herman Dune – Song Of Samuel mp3

Click here to watch live video of ‘Song Of Samuel’ on YouTube.

Click here to buy Herman Dune’s latest album ‘Giant’ from HMV for only £9.99.

Herman Dune Website / Herman Dune MySpace

May 6, 2007


Mannequin Republic MR003: 30th April 2007
1. Sam Isaac – Sticker, Star & Tape
“I went out to try and make a history of being brave, I knew I’d see her walk in hat, scarf and gloves”
2. Sam Isaac – I Miss Those Summers
“Is music everything, did we get it right, all I know is we’re having fun now, but the innocence is gone, my life is in my hands”
3. Luke Leighfield – The Rain Will Come Again
“I woke up this morning, saw another of those days of ambitions destroyed and hopes washed away, I woke up this morning and I prayed for rain, to brighten up monotony and help me live again”
4. Luke Leighfield – Annie Hall
“I’ve got clothes on my chair to watch me sleep, with the humming light of my red record machine”

This release is for anyone who loved Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly and Dave House‘s brilliant split EP from last year.  It’s similar in sound, theme and even format, because Sam covers a song by Luke and vice versa.

Sam Isaac’s voice reminds me of Kele Okereke and the music on ‘Sticker, Star & Tape’ also has a hint of Bloc Party thrills but it’s got a much warmer sound.  Sam’s cover of ‘I Miss Those Summers’ is a semi-acoustic gem with wonderful Cello moments.  Luke Leighfield’s ‘The Rain Will Come Again’ manages to be quietly intimate and unforgettably epic at the same time.  The crashing Drums, rich French Horns and piercing Violins add up to the kind of grandiose production that you’d usually only get from Jason Pierce.  Luke’s cover of ‘Annie Hall’ combines devastatingly beautiful Piano and massive echoey ‘Purple Rain’ style Drums to create something almost as big as Prince‘s 1984 anthem.

Click here to buy the EP from Banquet records (It’s limited to 500 copies so be quick!).

Sam Isaac – Compass-Scattered Love mp3
Sam Isaac – Hospital Bed mp3
Sam Isaac – Nineteen mp3
Luke Leighfield – I Built A Fortress mp3

Click here to buy all manner of Luke Leighfield goodies including his ‘Garde Ta Foy, Garde Ta Foy’ album.

Click here to visit Sam’s online store to buy his ‘Sticker, Star & Tape’ album.

Sam Isaac Website / Sam Isaac MySpace / Luke Leighfield MySpace

May 6, 2007

MANIC STREET PREACHERS – Your Love Alone Is Not Enough (2x CD & 7″ Singles)

Columbia 88697075602/88697075612/88697075602: 30th April 2007
1. Your Love Alone Is Not Enough (With Nina Persson)
“Trade all your heroes in for ghosts, in for ghosts, in for ghosts, they’re always the ones that love you most, love you most, love you most”
2. Boxes & Lists
“Boxes and lists, shifted under beds, twisted in my head, like a Nazi war film”
3. Love Letter To The Future
“It always seems to start like this, measuring our life in coffee stains, moving forward, stuck on trains, revisiting another day’s pain”
4. Welcome To The Dead Zone
“So welcome to the dead zone, it’s a circus full of whores, get your body bought and sold, blinded by the glitter and the gold”
5. Little Girl Lost
“Oh put the colour back in your eyes, and put the feeling back in your tired eyes, you’ve been avoiding the truth, but you’ll make your way back soon enough”
6. Fearless Punk Ballad
“At 21 I thought this song was over, at 29 my eyes closed tight and suffered, recurring dreams still unrelenting, the world turned west, we found redemption”

‘Your Love Alone Is Not Enough’ isn’t anything like as fiery as the last limited-edition single ‘Underdogs’ but it is very, very catchy. The repetition of the end of every line sticks right in your head “When times get tuff, oh they get tuff, they get tuff, they get tuff”. The Manics are aided by Nina Persson from The Cardigans on vocals, bringing to mind early single ‘Little Baby Nothing’ which featured Traci Lords. ‘Your Love Alone Is Not Enough’ finds the Manics at their Pop best and it really grew and grew on me. At first I was unsure, but after ten or more listens I was singing along with Nina at the end and playing air Drums with Sean.

The included B-sides give you both quality and quantity. ‘Boxes & Lists’ is a big rifftastic rocker in that great “James wishes he was Slash” way and ‘Love Letter To The Future’ sounds like a brilliant outtake from ‘Gold Against The Soul’. ‘Welcome To The Dead Zone’ and ‘Little Girl Lost’ are more like something from ‘Everything Must Go’. Last but not least is ‘Fearless Punk Ballad’, with James’ angelic vocal bringing to mind Rufus Wainwright and the music slowly building to anthemic proportions. It’s the best of the b-sides and probably better than the A-side too.

Click here to Pre-order the new ‘Send Away The Tigers’ album from HMV for only £8.99.

Click here to watch MSP recording a semi-acoustic session for 6Music. Click here to download an audio Zip of the session (Including chat) or you can just download the three songs they played below:

I’m Just A Patsy (6 Music Session) mp3
If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next (6 Music Session) mp3
Your Love Alone Is Not Enough (6 Music Session) mp3

Click here to download my careful transcription of the lyrics for all six tracks.

Click here to watch the video for ‘Your Love Alone Is Not Enough’ on YouTube.

Since most people don’t have a turntable here’s an mp3 of the vinyl-only B-side (Also ‘Underdogs’ is available free from Last.FM):

Fearless Punk Ballad mp3
Underdogs mp3

Manic Street Preachers Website / Manic Street Preachers MySpace
The Cardigans Website / The Cardigans MySpace