MP3 OF THE WEEK: Herman Dune – Song Of Samuel mp3

“My princess I can tell, from the beauty of this sound here, that with your instructor Samuel, that true love for you is found here”

I’ve been hooked on this B-side from Herman Dune’s new single for the last fortnight. It gets better and better with every listen. ‘Song Of Samuel’ is an intricately told story of the forbidden love between the daughter of a protective rich man and her lowly music teacher, but in the end her father’s heart is melted by the beautiful music the tutor has taught her. It usually takes a film director hours, or an author hundreds of pages, to pack in as much rich detail and beauty that Herman Dune manages in less than six minutes.

Herman Dune – Song Of Samuel mp3

Click here to watch live video of ‘Song Of Samuel’ on YouTube.

Click here to buy Herman Dune’s latest album ‘Giant’ from HMV for only £9.99.

Herman Dune Website / Herman Dune MySpace

7 Comments to “MP3 OF THE WEEK: Herman Dune – Song Of Samuel mp3”

  1. Great song, I love it and I’m listening to it at least ten times a day since I’ve found it last week. The first time I heard Herman Dune singing it was on last April, during his concert at Festsaal Kreuzberg, in Berlin. Really happy someone else can appreciate it.

  2. Re Mario. Brilliant song isn’t it. Check out the live YouTube clip if you haven’t because it’s got some extra lines/verses not on the studio version.

    (Love the thumbnail by the way)


  3. is this song emailable? the mp3 link is no longer working but i like the youtube version

  4. Man I am so fund of this song!!! Heard it live in a Paris concert, been in love with it ever since and NEED IT IN MP3. Please restore the link?

  5. Re Mazdak. You can get it as part of my tunes of 2007 Zip file.

    Ryan (StopMe)

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