MR HUDSON & THE LIBRARY – A Tale Of Two Cities (Free Download Album)

“I say we step outside, cos we can brave the cold, the night is on freeze frame, but double-brandies triple-glaze the cold from my soul”

Mr Hudson & The Library are offering their incredible ‘A Tale Of Two Cities’ album to download completely free!

Too good to be true? Well almost… they’ve not lost all sense of reason. You can download the album as wma files with heavy License restrictions. You can’t burn the album to a CD and you can only keep it for two weeks but I gaurantee after fourteen days of listening to this album you’ll be whipping out the cash for genuine copy anyway.

Click here to get your free download copy!

Click here to buy a beautifully packaged hard-copy of the album (Complete with lyrics booklet) from HMV for only £7.99.

Mr Hudson & The Library – Woman On The Hill mp3 (Class B-side)
Mr Hudson & The Library – Bread + Roses (Mr Hudson Vs DJ Wonder) mp3

Here are links to watch videos of ‘Too Late, Too Late’, ‘Too Late, Too Late (Live On Later)’, ‘Bread + Roses’, ‘Bread + Roses (Live Acapella)’, ‘Ask The DJ’ and ‘Ask The DJ (Sway Remix)’ on YouTube.

Mr Hudson & The Library Website / Mr Hudson & The Library MySpace

11 Comments to “MR HUDSON & THE LIBRARY – A Tale Of Two Cities (Free Download Album)”

  1. Love this record – thanks for the b’s!

  2. Re: xolondon. No problem. The next single’s b-sides are gonna include Sway’s remix of ‘Ask The DJ’ I can’t wait!


  3. it wont let me download it 😦 it says click on the icon, but damnit there isnt one!

  4. They might have taken it down after a few months.

    Link still sems to work for me.

    Buy the album anyway, it’s bloody good!

    Ryan (StopMe)

  5. love the album, the lyrics and the twang to his voice goes well, great album, sounds ever so slightly like bowie, keep them coming, thanks


  6. Any way you can re-up the Woman on the Hill B-side?

  7. If anyone else still has ‘Woman On The Hill’ I’d really appreciate a reup/link/email with it! Can’t find it anywhere even to buy!

  8. ‘Woman On The Hill’ reuped. You’re gonna love it, a classic for sure.

    From 2007’s ‘Too Late, Too Late’ 7inch single.


    Ryan (StopMe)

  9. Nice one mate! Cheers!

  10. Woman on the Hill has gone again. Any chance of another re-up??? thanks

  11. Any chance for Woman on the Hill re-up please?

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