THE HOLD STEADY – Stuck Between Stations (CD & 7″ Singles)

Vagrant VRUK047CDS / VRUK047S: 7th May 2007
1. Stuck Between Stations
“He said I’ve surrounded myself with doctors and deep thinkers, but big heads with soft bodies make for lousy lovers”
2. Chips Ahoy! (Live At Fingerprints)
“She’s hard on the heart and she’s soft to the touch, migraine headaches when she does it too much, she always does it too much”
3. American Music
“You were born too soon and I was born too late, but every time I look at that ugly lake, it reminds me of me”
4. Teenage Liberation
“Nineteen was a 90 second short, about a cartoon kid who sits and drinks on his porch, and gets pissed, he took one good swipe at his wrist, but he missed, so he lived”

The music on ‘Stuck Between Stations’ is big gutsy American Rock in the Bruce Springsteen mould but the vocals are like the barely coherent rantings of an insane Elvis Costello. Parts from the lyric leap out of the speakers like “On the radio”, “Lousy lovers”, “He Died” and “Drowned in the Mississippi River”. From the massive Kick-Drum intro to the searing Guitar Solo and beautiful Piano it’s built to blow stadiums apart.

‘Chips Ahoy!’ was The Hold Steady’s last single and it’s a song about… well the band explain it in the intro to this brilliant live version. It’s like Talking Heads if they picked up an Accordion and decided to play Folk music. ‘American Music’ is a fairly faithful cover of a Violent Femmes song and it’s both addictive and quietly anthemic. ‘Teenage Liberation’ is back to the sound of ‘Stuck Between Stations’ with an added sprinkle of Glam-Rock Glitter.

The Hold Steady – Your Little Hoodrat Friend mp3
The Hold Steady – The Swish mp3
The Hold Steady – Take Me Out To The Ball Game mp3
Violent Femmes – American Music mp3
(The original recording)

Click here to watch an exhilarating live performance of ‘Stuck Between Stations’ on Later via YouTube.

Click here to buy The Hold Steady’s new ‘Boys & Girls In America’ album from HMV for only £7.99.

The Hold Steady Website / The Hold Steady MySpace


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