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May 16, 2007

MORRISSEY: Salford Lad (Radio Documentary)

“A sad fact widely known… the most impassionate song to a lonely soul is so easily outgrown, but don’t forget the songs that made you smile and the songs that made you cry, when you lay in awe on the bedroom floor”

Here is Stuart Maconie‘s brilliant two-part radio show about Morrissey for anyone that unfortunately missed it.  It’s got interesting contributions from other Mancs like Paul Morley and Damon Gough and skilfully weaves the interview subjects with relevant Morrissey lyrics.

Salford Lad (Part 1) mp3
Salford Lad (Part 2) mp3

Morrissey Website / Morrissey MySpace / Morrissey Official Fansite

May 16, 2007

JAMIE T – Sheila (Re-Issue CD & 2x 7″ Singles)

Virgin VSCDT1936 / VS1936 / VSX1936: 7th May 2007
1. Sheila
“Jack had a gang that he called ‘The Many Grams’, he was known as ‘Smack Jack the cracker man’, in life he was dealt some shit hands, but the boys got the back now”
2. Rawhide (Feat. Lily Allen)
“He screams to silence, dads got no money, and I don’t like violence, take what you want though”
3. Back To Mine For A Moonshine
“Lets go back to mine for a moonshine, make sure you’re quiet, my mum is downstairs, she’s been pissed since this mornin’ so she’s cert’ passed out, that’s why my dads is all asleep in armchair”
4. Meet Me On The Corner
“Tin foods, swing moods, face so pale, back scar, brawl bar, finger nails”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve already fell in love with ‘Sheila’ so this re-release seems a bit pointless. Especially when Jamie’s album is packed with many equally fantastic tracks. I’ve listened to ‘Sheila’ so many times I can sing along with every word including the John Betjeman sample “Good heavens you boys, blue blooded murder of the English tongue”. To make up for this re-release, Jamie’s pulled out the stops with three melancholy and addictive B-sides.

‘Rawhide’ is a bouncy Ska-Popper with the great Lily Allen singing a verse and backing vocals. ‘Back To Mine For A Moonshine’ is an oddly hypnotic mix of creeping Piano and pulsating Dub Bass with a killer Drum break at the end. ‘Meet Me On The Corner’ has got some of Jamie T’s best lyrics combined with eerie downbeat music.

Click here to buy Jamie’s essential ‘Panic Prevention’ album from HMV for only £8.99.

Here are five rare and superb Jamie T B-sides:

Jamie T – Fox News mp3
Jamie T – Livin’ With Betty mp3
Jamie T – Northern Line mp3
Jamie T – Here’s Ya Getaway mp3
Jamie T – Turn To Monsters mp3

Here are links to watch the new video for ‘Sheila (Featuring Bob Hoskins)’ and the ‘Superior Original Monkey Version’ on YouTube.

Jamie T Website / Jamie T MySpace