PLASTIC LITTLE – Crambodia (Re-Issue 7″ Single)

Make Mine MAMI006: 14th May 2007
Crambodia (Original / Joe Chip Remix)
“Uzi black, banana boat, I got banana-rama blow, yo what that mean, it means I got a lota coke”

‘Crambodia’ is the latest single from Plastic Little’s brilliant ‘She’s Mature’ album and features guest vocals from Amanda Blank, Ghostface Killah and Spankrock.  Like most Plastic Little tracks, it’s a glorious mess of absurd samples, furious rapping and tongue-in-cheek filthy language.  Joe Goddard from Hot Chip has done an excellent extended Electro remix on the B-side.

Click here to buy Plastic Little releases straight from their Website.

Plastic Little – The Jumpoff mp3 (Plastic Little’s finest moment)

Click here to buy the single from Rough Trade.

Here links to watch videos for ‘Rap O’ Clock’, ‘The Jumpoff’ and ‘All Ya’ll Niggas Dead’ on YouTube.

Visit the brilliant Angry Ape site to get a remix of ‘Crambodia’.

Plastic Little Website / She’s Mature Website / Plastic Little MySpace

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