MP3 OF THE WEEK: Nellie McKay – Ding Dong mp3

“My cat died and I quickly poured myself some Gin, did she die from old age or was it for my sins, God I loved her oh so much, miss her little kitty touch”

I loved ‘Ding Dong’ when I first heard it in 2004 and could hardly stop listening, but somehow it eventually got forgotten amongst the mess of mp3s on my hard-drive and the music on my shelves. This week I dug it out again and rediscovered what a delightfully unusual song it is. ‘Ding Dong’ is a darkly amusing tale of mental illness wrapped up in pretty pink Pop bow. Not many lyricists would write a line that went “Chop your head off, be a lighter person” and certainly none would sing it in such a seemingly carefree way. But this is from the wicked wit of a girl who named her first album ‘Get Away From Me’ as a dig at Norah Jones‘ hugely successful (And hugely boring) album ‘Come Away With Me’. All the quirky-songstress plaudits may have gone to Regina Spektor, but Nellie McKay far outstrips her in both oddity and charm.

Nellie McKay – Ding Dong mp3

Click here to watch a wonderful live performance of ‘Ding Dong’ on Jools from a while back via YouTube.

Click here to buy either her first album ‘Get Away From Me’ or 2006’s follow up ‘Pretty Little Head’ from HMV.

Nellie McKay Website / Nellie McKay MySpace

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