THE WALLBANGERS – Kick The Drugs (7″ EP)

Bang! Records BANG21: 14th May 2007
1. Kick The Drugs
“If I smoke Weed I get neurotic, Alcohol turns me psychotic, Heroin’s just a narcotic, S-S-S-Speed makes me despotic, if you’re on Crack-Cocaine you’re goin’ outta your brain, you’ve gotta pull the plug, you’ve gotta kick the drugs!”
2. Sex Appeal
“He had that look that all the magazines just love, he was splashed across the pages, they couldn’t get enough, and I hate to mention it, but all of this will pass”
3. The World Keeps Spinning Around
“The rivers seethe and boil, the oceans turn to oil, volcanoes all implode, the sky can now explode”
4. Love Assassin
“If you want me to take you home and nurse you on my knee, you better understand I’m on a killin’ spree”

The ‘Kick The Drugs’ EP comes from Mick Harvey (Of The Bad Seeds fame) and The Wallbangers and is the kind of raw Garage-Rock that The Stooges should still be making.  ‘Kick The Drugs’ has a searing riff that’s a little bit Heavy-Metal, a little bit ‘Live & Let Die’ and the best drugs related rant since Queens Of The Stone Age‘s ‘Feel Good Hit Of The Summer’.  When Mick’s howling voice comes in you’ll have a massive grin on your face, you’ll probably be making the sign of the devil and I’ve come to the conclusion that this record cannot be played loud enough… go on try!

The other three songs are almost as dark and thrilling as the A-side.  ‘Sex Appeal’ recalls ‘Shake Appeal’ in title, tone and maniacal fuzzed-out brilliance.  ‘The World Keeps Spinning Around’ is an apocalyptic dusty-desert love song and ‘Love Assassin’ is a sleazy Jon Spencer Psyche-Rocker.  As far as I know, this EP is a one off, I hope that’s not true but I’ll treasure these thirteen minutes anyway.

You can buy the EP by visiting Bang! Records, HMV or Rough Trade.

Mick Harvey – Everything Is Fixed mp3

The Wallbangers MySpace / Mick Harvey MySpace / Bang! Records Website

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