ABDOMINAL – Pedal Pusher (12″ EP)

Antidote ANTTW1020: 14th May 2007
1. Pedal Pusher (Original / Instrumental / Acapella)
“Don’t contest the champ with consecutive wins, clockwise wheel motion, like a record it spins”
2. Radio Friendly (Original / Instrumental / Acapella)
“Don’t a give fuck about American Idol or what song they sang at their latest recital, don’t give a fuck that Indie-Rock’s flavour of the month and I make Hip-Hop”

Lupe Fiasco already did skateboarding so Canada’s Abdominal has penned a tribute to his bicycle in the shape of ‘Pedal Pusher’. It’s like ‘Hey Bulldog’ by The Beatles with a one-man Jurassic 5 spitting over the top seasoned with an extra shake of Salt ‘n’ Pepa. You can enjoy the incredible beats of Young Einstein (From Ugly Duckling) via the Instrumental and there’s an Acapella too.

‘Radio Friendly’ is a list tune about all the things that Abdominal doesn’t “Give a fuck” about (And some things he does “Give a fuck” about). Cut Chemist (Formerly of Jurassic 5) is in the production chair providing some Drum heavy Funk breaks and in case you haven’t guessed the ‘Radio Friendly’ title is ironic. Once again Instrumental and Acapella versions are included for your delectation.

You can buy the EP from RecordStore by clicking here.

Click here to Pre-order Abdominal’s ‘Escape From The Pigeon Hole’ album from HMV for £8.99.

Abdominal – Abdominal Workout mp3
DJ Format (Feat. Abdominal) – Vicious Battle Raps mp3

Here are links to watch videos for Abdominal’s colabs with DJ Format… ‘3 Feet Deep’, ‘Vicious Battle Raps’, ‘The Hit Song’ and ‘Separated At birth’ on YouTube or click here to see the new ‘Abdominal Workout’ Video.

Abdominal MySpace / Ugly Duckling MySpace / Cut Chemist MySpace

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