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May 31, 2007

SATURDAY LOOKS GOOD TO ME – Money In The Afterlife (7″ Single)

Ernest Jenning Record Co. EJRC027: 14th May 2007
1. Money In The Afterlife
“I was waiting for a world that would never come, standing in line, sinking feels inexplicably, but always leaning towards some sort of light”
2. All The Sidewalk Birds
“You won’t see that trap, when all the synapses collapse, and when your body is a map, dotted with perforated lines”

‘Money In The Afterlife’ is a supremely catchy Indie-Pop tune that had me dancing around, whistling and singing along. The vocals bring to mind Wayne Coyne and the music is like Absentee meets The Beach Boys in heaven. ‘All The Sidewalk Birds’ is only slightly less joyous and resembles The Polyphonic Spree grabbing Guitars and Rocking out. Judging by these two songs and the quality of the mp3s below this Detroit band should be huge. Given that ‘Money In The Afterlife’ is taken from their forthcoming 5th album it seems about time.

You can buy the 7″ direct from the Ernest Jenning Record Co. by clicking here.

Saturday Looks Good To Me – Can’t Ever Sleep mp3
Saturday Looks Good To Me – Disaster mp3
Saturday Looks Good To Me – Lift Me Up mp3
Saturday Looks Good To Me – Meet By The Water mp3
Saturday Looks Good To Me – The Girl’s Distracted mp3

Click here to watch a wonderful live performance of ‘Can’t Ever Sleep’ on YouTube.

Saturday Looks Good To Me Website / Saturday Looks Good To Me MySpace

May 31, 2007

MP3 OF THE WEEK: LCD Soundsystem – No Love Lost mp3

“Two-way mirror in the hall, just to watch everything you do, transmitters hidden in the walls, so they know everything you say is true”

When LCD Soundsystem do a cover it’s usually something special so I was excited by this B-side from their latest single ‘All My Friends’. So far James Murphy has had a go at Harry Nilsson and Siouxsie & The Banshees with spectacular success, now he’s turned his hand to early Joy Division classic ‘No Love Lost’. It’s a fairly faithful cover recreating the brilliant slow building intro but omitting the “Some rare creature in a zoo…” voice over. That voice over on the original seemed heavily influenced by John Cale’s spoken word epic ‘The Gift’ from The Velvet Underground’s ‘White Light/White Heat’ album. Interestingly John Cale has done a brilliant cover of ‘All My Friends’ for LCD Soundsystem’s new 7″.

LCD Soundsystem – No Love Lost mp3

Click here to buy LCD Soundsystem’s new ‘Sound Of Silver’ album from HMV for only £7.99.

Click here to watch a performance of ‘No Love Lost’ on Later from last week (It’s only viewable ’til Friday night, so be quick).

Also here’s the original version for anyone who hasn’t heard it:

Joy Division – No Love Lost mp3

LCD Soundsystem Website / LCD Soundsystem MySpace