PASE ROCK – Sexy MF / Lindsay Lohan’s Revenge (12″ EP)

Fully Fitted FF001: 21st May 2007
1. Sexy MF (Dirty As Fuck / Clean As The Board Of Health / DJ Eli Bangin’ Ass Remix / Instrumentally Retarded / Sexy Muthapella)
“I don’t know if you can take it, I don’t care if you fake it, Purple Rain butt-naked go jump in the lake shit”
2. Lindsay Lohan’s Revenge (Main Dirty / Instrumenstrual / Babyratapella)
“Boogie down Melrose, L.A. froze, same day hell froze, average Joes, got a lota hell noes, except for the club, it never snows, huh?”

Either of these songs could be number-1-hits if they weren’t so damn filthy that if any Radio Station actually played them, there would be questions in the House (Not to mention getting sued by Lindsay Lohan’s management). But of course, like his compadres from Spank Rock and Plastic Little, Pase Rock is on a mission to offend and amuse, as you could guess by just reading what he’s called the different versions of the tracks.

‘Sexy MF’ shares the same title as the Prince classic and even references a scene from Purple Rain. It features an incredible tongue-twisting duet between Amanda Blank and Pase Rock. ‘Lindsay Lohan’s Revenge’ is about an infamous paparazzi photo of actress Lindsay Lohan that’s doing the rounds on the net. Pase Rock is joined by Santogold, Spank Rock & Holiday Thug all chucking in their 2 Cents about the Hollywood party-girl. Rave beats, robotic backing vocals and a sidesplitting finish all add up to an irresistible production.

Click here to buy the 12″ from Rough Trade.

Pase Rock – Sexy MF (DJ Eli Bangin’ Ass Remix) mp3
Pase Rock – So Fucking Disco mp3
Pase Rock – Fingertips (Part 3) mp3

Click here to watch the lewd, rude and endearingly crude video for ‘Lindsay Lohan’s Revenge’.

Pase Rock MySpace


2 Responses to “PASE ROCK – Sexy MF / Lindsay Lohan’s Revenge (12″ EP)”

  1. Pase Rock is playing at the launch of our new weekly in Chicago. Check it out, sprout!

    Aug 1st at Liars Club.


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