THE HAT – Open Hearts (7″ Single)

Sunday Best SBEST46: 28th May 2007
1. Open Hearts
“Solid like a drummer’s snare, strong like Tupperware, now dancing round like Fred Astaire, and if I get it right by next year, I’ll probably be a millionaire”
2. 3am (Drunken Lullaby)
“All in all like words we stumble, round and round this floor tonight, all my fears like old men crumble”

‘Open Hearts’ is like Gogol Bordello and Eels joining forces to forge a new sub-genre in the shape of Gypsy-Hip-Hop.  It sounds like a whole asylum and a couple of DJs let loose in a recording studio with Orville the duck even spitting a few lines towards the end.  It’s rare that I hear a single that truly sounds like nothing else, weird and yet still sounding as Pop as a can of Tizer.

The title of ‘3am (Drunken Lullaby)’ nicely describes it’s pleasantly sozzled sound.  The gently sighing vocal drifts over a mellow Double-Bass with wonderfully understated Guitar solo.  It’s much more conventional than the A-side but that wouldn’t be too hard.

Click here to buy the single on vinyl or as a download, through RecordStore.

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