THE WHITE STRIPES – Icky Thump (7″ Single)

XL Recordings XLS277A: 11th June 2007
1. Icky Thump
“Well, Americans, what, nothin’ better to do? Why don’t you kick yourself out, you’re an immigrant too, who’s usin’ who, what should we do, well you can’t be a pimp, and a prostitute too”
2. Baby Brother
“My little brother used to play down on the floor, but now he’s not satisfied to do it anymore, he’s got a funny habit and I don’t know why, he walks around the ceiling now steppin’ on the flies”

Hallelujah! The Whites Stripes have got a new album coming out… it feels like Christmas! I’m sure I remember Jack saying in an interview a few years back that The White Stripes were a-political (With the possible exception of ‘The Big Three Killed My Baby’). Well that’s out the window, because ‘Icky Thump’ gets stuck firmly into the anti-Mexican-immigration debate running in America with Jack delivering cutting lyrics in a raging almost Rap style. Meg’s Drums certainly “Thump” as usual and if Jack’s Guitar isn’t “Icky” it sure is filthy. It feels like the kind of riff heavy monster that you’d find on ‘De Stijl’ with an added psychedelic edge. As much as I love all of The White Stripes’ albums, I’ve never felt they captured the spirit of their live shows. Somehow ‘Icky Thump’ has done it, it’s got that feeling of Jack’s Guitar being possessed by the devil and him barely controlling it. Could this be their best song since ‘Hand Springs’?

Exclusive B-side ‘Baby Brother’ is an old-skool Rock ‘n’ Roller in the Eddie Cochran mould complete with Jack doing a Rock-a-Billy vocal. It sounds like an early Italy Records period thrasher and it’s a fevered bundle of fun. There are also other formats (A CD and two 7″s) giving tasters of the fantastic album tracks ‘Catch Hell Blues’ and ‘Rag & Bone’.

Click here to buy the new White Stripes album from HMV for only £8.99.

Here are links to watch the videos for ‘Icky Thump’ and ‘Icky Thump (Live On Later)’ via YouTube.

Click here to buy the newly re-released album that Jack recorded with The Hentchmen (Complete with bonus tracks) from HMV for only £9.99.

To celebrate the return of The White Stripes, here are 15 of the best tracks from the nearly 200 songs that the workaholic Jack’s had a hand in, as Producer, full-time band member, Guitarist, Backing Vocalist and even Bass player:

2 Star Tabernacle – Lily White Mama & Jet Black Daddy mp3
Beck – Go It Alone (With Jack White) mp3
(Kicking out a rare Bass line)
Jack White – Never Far Away mp3 (Jack’s first solo composition)
Loretta Lynn – Portland Oregon (Duet With Jack White) mp3
Mark Ronson – Here Comes The Fuzz (With Jack White) mp3 (Still unreleased)
Soledad Brothers – Sugar & Spice mp3 (Produced by Jack, Percussion by Meg)
The Go – Whatcha Doin’ mp3 (Unmistakably Jack on Lead-Guitar)
The Greenhornes – Shadow Of Grief mp3 (Rare B-side version recorded by Jack)
The Hentchmen With Jack White – Psycho Daisys mp3 (Top Yardbirds cover)
The Raconteurs – The Bane Rendition mp3 (Their finest moment)
The Upholsterers – Pain (Gimme Sympathy) mp3 (The proto-White Stripes)
The Von Bondies – Red Head Devil mp3 (Produced by Jack before the incident)
The Wildbunch – Danger! High Voltage mp3 (Jack insists he ain’t on this!)
Thee Jenerators – Mystery Man mp3 (Jack on backing vocals)
Whirlwind Heat – Purple mp3 (Produced by Jack, engineered by Brendan)

The White Stripes Website / The White Stripes MySpace / Triple Tremelo Fansite

12 Responses to “THE WHITE STRIPES – Icky Thump (7″ Single)”

  1. I loathe this overrated band…

    One would think that meg might have learned a few more chops
    to add to her boring & dull as a butter knife repetoire..

  2. Good list, but you forgot the seminal “Danger! High Voltage,” which has to rank as highly in Jack’s oeuvre as, say, “Passive Manipulation”.

  3. Just re-read the list and realised I am a dick. *shame* Will never befoul your comment board again.

  4. Re El: They are the greatest band ever!!! One day you will realise that fact. lol

    Re Interpolitia: Please feel free to “Befoul” my comments again. I like feedback. Jack’s best non-stripes work has got to be the Loretta Lynn album, it’s a contender for my all-time favourite album.

    Ryan (StopMe)

  5. Thanks a lot for posting these. I’ve got many of the band’s and Jack’s B-sides and side-projects, but there were some cool new ones here!

  6. Re David2: One day I will have all the Jack White records! Just a few of the rarer items to get now. The ones that are in the £200-500 mark!!!

    Ryan (StopMe)

  7. I’m pretty sure that Jack White on the Mark Ronson track ain’t the one of the white stripes

  8. Re hans. It’s Jack from WS alright. He apparently layed down the guitar track for Mark, after Mark told him Andre 3000 (Genius from Outkast) was gonna add some of his rhymes on later.

    When the promo of Mark’s album came out Jack discovered that Andre wasn’t on the track like he’d been told. So Jack requested his Guitar be removed. So the copies of Mark Ronson’s album you buy in the shops don’t have Jack White on. Check Ebay for a promo copy though… and Bingo you’ve got the squealing Jack axe mastery that I’ve posted above.

    Hope that clears it up.

    Ryan (StopMe)

  9. stop buying GMO foods from the supermarkets… stop taking vaccines and flu shots…. the American and European Government are SICK EVIL WAR CRIMINALS who inject toxic chemicals and poisons into our food supply


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