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June 29, 2007

HARRISONS – Dear Constable (CD & 2x 7″ Singles)

Melodic MELO051CD / MELO051 / MELO051B: 18th June 2007
1. Dear Constable
“The kickin’, punchin’, trigger happy, car crashin’ kids, stink of drink, and think that is just the way life is, the problem lies behind their eyes, their young minds filled with wicked lies”
2. Allen Ginsberg Said James Dean’s A Twocker
“Snuff out the candles, it’s time to stop, it’s the end of the line and we’re shutting up shop”
3. Red Right Hand
“Take a little walk to the edge of town, go across the tracks, where the viaduct looms like a bird of doom, as it shifts and cracks”
4. Cry Through The Night
“And there’s no point in beggin’, please get up from the ground, you didn’t seem to care when you was messin’ around”

I’ve always thought that Harrisons were an above average band but nothing to go crazy about.  Imagine my surprise when I pressed play on this little beauty and found it to be one of the most thrilling Indie singles all year.  ‘Dear Constable’ is so much better than anything they’ve done before that I’m wondering if there has been a mistake at the pressing plant.  It explodes out of the gates and quickly builds up a raging Punk-Funk groove with singer Adam Taylor ranting about dead-end British life like a rejuvenated Sean Ryder.  Harrisons have just released one of the singles of the year, with one of the lyrics of the decade.

Harrisons have also upped the ante with the B-sides, with the brilliantly titled ‘Allen Ginsberg Said James Dean’s A Twocker’ and ‘Cry Through The Night’ reminding me of Paul Weller in his Jam prime.  It’s folly to even attempt to cover Nick Cave (Particularly a song like ‘Red Right Hand’) but Harrisons just about get away with it.  If Harrisons’ future singles are as good as this, then they’re gonna be huge.

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