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June 30, 2007

SKEEWIFF – The Lost Masters EP (12″)

Jalapeno Records JAL50: 18th June 2007
1. Let’s Have Scratch For Breakfast
“This is the story of how to create a great beat, by cutting scratching, mixing and stunting”
2. The New Avengers
3. Bump Bump (Feat. Young MC)
“No doubt if yer ready, we’re gonna rock it steady, and have the party jumpin’ from here to the Serengeti, your body will be sweaty, from movin’ around, but you know it’s gonna happen when we’re puttin’ it down”
4. Mucho Mambo
“Like a lazy ocean hugs the shore, hold me close, sway me more”

Apart from the music, this EP is presented as a beautiful Pizza picture disc to commemorate Jalapeno’s 50th release. If you’ve had a few to drink, be careful not to put a 12″ Pepperoni with all the toppings onto your new turntable and conversely you wouldn’t want to loose a tooth biting into this thick slice of vinyl.

‘Let’s Have Scratch For Breakfast’ is a good-old-fashioned mix of Funk breaks, Grandmaster Flash bounce and public-information style vocal samples. The original theme from ‘The New Avengers’ is both gorgeously retro and also like some tacky supermarket music but Skeewiff has enhanced it with some baadasss Bass and funky Drums so it’s never anything less than icy-cool. ‘Bump Bump’ is the centre-piece of the EP and it’s a big summery Hip-Hop tune that cannot fail but put you in the party mood, and it’ll have you shakin’ yer booty because like Young MC says “I got the rhyme and rhythm to make the crowd jump, like Skeewiff got the bottom to make the place thump”. Rounding off the EP, ‘Mucho Mambo’ teases your ears for over two minutes with that famous “When the Rumba rhythm starts to play” sample.

Click here to buy the EP from Juno Records.

Skeewiff – Bump Bump (Feat. Young MC) mp3
Amy Winehouse – You Know I’m No Good (Skeewiff Mix) mp3

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