KID ACNE – Worst Luck (12″ EP)

Lex ELEX045EP: 18th June 2007
1. Worst Luck
“I must confess, when I’ve ‘ad a sup, I’m a right text pest, I went SMS… to XS”
2. Swear Down
“If you’s out joggin’, or at home knittin’, tune in, ’cause the shit be kickin'”
3. Split Heads (Feat. Infinite Lives)
“Look fresh in a pair of Speedo, go to the pictures searchin’ for Nemo”

The music on this EP isn’t as immediate as Kid Acne’s last release ‘Eddy Fresh’ but the lyrics are just as funny, and just as obsessed with the little details of life.  ‘Worst Luck’ finds Kid Acne eschewing the usual Cristal and Gucci namedropping of his Hip-Hop brethren, in favour of a more refined selection of products like Fray Bentos pies and Smash potatoes.  ‘Swear Down’ is the traditional Rap declaration of superiority but delivered in Kid Acne’s unique style, because he’s “Well more better!”.  Lastly, ‘Split Heads’ features an incredible guest appearance from Infinite Lives.

Here are links to watch videos for ‘Worst Luck’ and ‘Reality Raps’ on YouTube.

Kid Acne – Eddy Fresh mp3

Kid Acne Website / Kid Acne MySpace / Infinite Lives Website
Infinite Lives MySpace / Lex Records Website / Lex Records MySpace


One Comment to “KID ACNE – Worst Luck (12″ EP)”

  1. YEAHHHHH! Loving this! It’s so good to see this on Hype Machine!

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