S.M.O.V. – Wack EP-W2 (12″ EP)

Wack Records WACKEPW2: 18th June 2007
1. Quality Soul
“While underground doesn’t like you, the media might, but we the elite will change that, as we bridge gaps in this lyrical grudge match, brothers we slug back”
2. Wack Edits
“They got a wacky-wack record, with a wacky-wack crew, yo what about the lyrics, that shit’s wacky-wack too”
3. Barrell House Funk
“I got a brown eyed woman, stays drunk all the time”
4. Cold Romeo
“Rhyme scholar from the school of the hooligan”

S.M.O.V’s (aka Smoove) first EP was one of my favourite records of last year and this a worthy follow up.  ‘Quality Soul’ layers the vocal from Jurassic 5’s ‘Quality Control’ over Gloria Jones’ eternal classic ‘Tainted Love’.  ‘Wack Edits’ cuts together loads of samples of the word “Wack” like a sequel to De La Soul’s ‘Cool Breeze On The Rocks’.  ‘Barrell House Funk’ is probably a mashup of a brilliant late 60s Funk tune and a 50s Blues legend but I can’t identify either (Tell me if you know readers?).  ‘Cold Romeo’ samples the ‘Montagues and Capulets’ from Prokofiev’s famous 1930s ballet (Which I always remember as the theme tune to a captivating TV series about Greek myths that I watched at primary school) and adds Roots Manuva’s vocal from ‘Too Cold’.  Once again this release demonstrates that S.M.O.V. is a cut above the rest of the bootleggers.  His first EP caused quite a stir and because of it’s limited release many were disappointed not to get a copy… so act fast if you want this record.

Click here to visit Piccadilly records who currently still have some in stock!

Here are mp3s from the first EP:

S.M.O.V. – Big Love mp3
S.M.O.V. – Jazz Trap mp3
S.M.O.V. – Kool Blues mp3

Smoove Website / Smoove MySpace / Wack Records MySpace

4 Comments to “S.M.O.V. – Wack EP-W2 (12″ EP)”

  1. thanx for all your support mate!by the way my new lp is out “gravy” on acid jazz records

  2. wack ep 3 is avail now on vinyl and free to download from my website .peace smoove

  3. will hammer quality soul on tour in France sept
    and hawaii

  4. Hi there,

    I am searching for the above mentioned WACK EPs but it seems the mentioned sources are no longer online. Can anybody help me out? I am also looking for the mix that starts with the Ghostbusers theme followed by the Coldcut sample… How’s that smoove’s website where he mentions the tracks would be downloadable is no longer to be found? I know this topic is 2 years old, still it’d be great to get those tracks! Thank’s a lot for any help!!

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