THE NEW ROYAL FAMILY – Anyone Fancy A Chocolate Digestive?

“Anyone fancy a chocolate digestive? No thank you, it sounds suggestive”

‘Anyone Fancy A Chocolate Digestive?’ is a bizarre pop nugget from a new super-group The New Royal Family. It’s made up of members from bands like The Boyfriends, Gay Dad, The Low Edges and the incomprehensibly wonderful Luxembourg. It basically features one line but when you’ve got a line as good as the one quoted above, who needs a second. It’s another entry in a long line of barmy British Pop music harking back to the sixties. A physical release is promised on the fantastic Filthy Little Angels label but for now there is a joyous, hilarious and mind boggling video on YouTube.

The New Royal Family – Anyone Fancy A Chocolate Digestive? (Video)

If like that video, then check this out:

Misty’s Big Adventure (Feat. Noddy Holder) – Fashion Parade (Video)

I’ve mentioned it before, but since I’ve got another excuse… here is the greatest song ever recorded by mankind (Probably):

Luxembourg – (I Need) A Little Bit More (Than You Give Me) mp3

The New Royal Family MySpace

4 Comments to “THE NEW ROYAL FAMILY – Anyone Fancy A Chocolate Digestive?”

  1. Your endless plugging of that Luxembourg song is totally and utterly shameless… as well as being totally justified! Genius

  2. Luxembourg have been doing some stuff under a different name. I keep meaning to check it out. I’m sure it’ll be awesome.


  3. Aw shucks, you’re too kind. You might be excited to know that both Luxembourg and the New Royal Family, along with our chums the Low Edges, will be playing a gig at the same place on the same day very soon: PopArt at Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, Sunday 5th August. FREE entry. I fear we may cause some kind of rift in the space/time continuum!

  4. i have to agree with mld about that luxembourg song. i mean, the title alone is perfection. : )

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