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July 11, 2007

FILTHY LITTLE ANGELS – Singles Club: Part 2 (5x 7″ Set)

More than a year ago, I put in a pre-order for Filthy Little Angels Records’ second Singles-Club because I was a big fan of the first set (It introduced me to bands like The Boyfriends, The Long Blondes and The Vichy Government). I knew it had been delayed but it’d been so long that I’d almost forgotten, so it was a pleasant surprise when a beautiful set of records in a handprinted bag came through my letterbox. There are ten new/newish artists spread over five 7″ EPs mixing Rock, Indie, Punk, New-Wave and Electronica, all shot through with a strong outsider Pop charm.

First up are Ohio kiddie band ShiSho who play sugar-sweet melodic Lo-Fi Pop. Hyperbubble make icy robotic Electronica about Supermarkets and Pop-Stars. Personal favourites The Vichy Government contribute a brand-new song plus their stunning and startling cover of Nirvana. Gay Against You add four short, sharp and shocking blasts of Noize-Pop for fans of Best Fwends.

Captain Polaroid‘s music is a collision of electronic sounds and acoustic Guitars while Beacons remind me of the early Smiths. The Fairies Band make riff-tastic Punk-Pop like Yeah Yeah Yeahs meets The Ramones. The Peeptoes are like a more abrasive Blondie with added 60s Organ sounds. Art Goblins is a side project from Art Brut and if like me, you think that their new stuff is just too slick, then the shambolic tracks here will be just the ticket. Lastly and best of all, is Billy Ruffian who combines sneering Punk vocals with aggressive Guitar riffery.

To quote Billy Ruffian’s song ‘Music Vs Money’, this release is “Against those who are solely in this for the money, those who don’t understand the passion, the excitement, the wonder of music”.

Here are five songs from the EPs to give you a flavour of what’s on offer.

ShiSho – Rocks & Penalties mp3
The Vichy Government – Heart-Shaped Box mp3
(Nirvana cover)
The Fairies Band – Groupies mp3
Art Goblins – My Conscience Died With Those Prostitutes! mp3
Billy Ruffian – Music Vs Money mp3

If you like those, then click here to buy a copy of the Singles-Club set from the Filthy Little Angels Website (Knowing FLA, they might chuck in a free record for you, to sweeten the deal).

Here is a plethora of mp3s by the artists featured on the Singles-Club, that I scoured the four-corners of the net for:

ShiSho – Merry Christmas, Now Leave! mp3
ShiSho – Disco Brandtson mp3
ShiSho – Get Behind Me Santa mp3
ShiSho – Get Behind Me, Santa! mp3
(Sufjan Stevens cover)
ShiSho – Punk Rawk Girl mp3
ShiSho – Daddy’s Womp mp3
ShiSho – Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Here To Stay mp3
Hyperbubble – Away In A Manger mp3
Hyperbubble – You’re The One That I Want mp3
Hyperbubble – Psychic Connection mp3
Hyperbubble – Vending Machine mp3
Hyperbubble – Leon mp3
The Vichy Government – One Less White Christmas (One More Widow) mp3
The Vichy Government – Christmas Is Cancelled mp3
(Long Blondes cover)
The Vichy Government – Suspended On Full Pay mp3
The Vichy Government – Whore Of Babylon mp3
The Vichy Government – Elvis & The Beatles mp3
The Vichy Government – Luke Haines Is Dead mp3
The Vichy Government – Rubbish (Edit) mp3
The Vichy Government – The Reichstag Is On Fire mp3
The Vichy Government – Death On The Instalment Plan mp3
The Vichy Government – Little Fishes Part Three mp3
The Vichy Government – The Greatest Gift Of All (Demo) mp3
The Vichy Government – I Control Discourse mp3
Gay Against You – Greased Lightning mp3
Gay Against You – Bogus Totem Summer mp3
Gay Against You – Gay Unicorn mp3
Gay Against You – Triple Schipol mp3
Gay Against You – TELErad mp3
Gay Against You – Electric Face Wound mp3
Gay Against You – Ice Shooter mp3
Gay Against You – Hello mp3
Gay Against You – Good-Bye mp3
Captain Polaroid – River mp3
Captain Polaroid – Blue Moon mp3
Captain Polaroid – If You Came On Christmas Day mp3
Captain Polaroid – Your Mistake Is Thinking You Have Won mp3
Beacons – Cross Your Fingers (Demo) mp3
Beacons – Carriage mp3
Beacons – Shells mp3
Beacons – Endeavour mp3
Beacons – Can’t Get To You mp3
Beacons – You Know I’d Love To mp3
The Fairies Band – Random Boys mp3
Billy Ruffian – Death Of A Band mp3
Billy Ruffian – (My Girlfriend Is like) A Trojan Horse (Demo) mp3
Billy Ruffian – Leaving Soon (Demo) mp3
Billy Ruffian – Preensters (Demo) mp3

Filthy Little Angels Website / Filthy Little Angels MySpace

July 11, 2007

THE GO! TEAM – Grip Like A Vice (7″ Single)

Memphis Industries MI092S2: 2nd July 2007
Grip Like A Vice (Original / Black Affair Remix)
“The blast from the past, superb in every word, super female rockin’, just the best you’ve heard, I make the brothers sweat, cos I keep their bodies hot, it’s a woman’s world, you gotta give it what ya got”

I often find putting on a Go! Team song is like listening to a badly recorded demo (Of an admittedly incredible track) while MySpace is on in the background.  ‘Grip Like A Vice’ has a bit of that, but a choice sample of ‘Psycha-Soula-Funkadelic’ by The Politicians and a super-catchy Synth line means there’s absolutely nothing that could stop this track from moving your body and delighting your ears.  I was humming the tune under my breath all day and the vocal even goes “Dun ah dun dun” at points in the song.  The big bad abrasive Drums are the icing on the cake, bringing to mind Keith Moon at his most brutal.  The ‘Black Affair Remix’ grafts on some funky Slap-Bass but loses the elements I mentioned that make the track so special.

Here’s the song that’s sampled on ‘Grip Like A Vice’ plus Simian Mobile Disco show you how a Remix of The Go! Team should go down:

The Politicians – Psycha-Soula-Funkadelic mp3
The Go! Team – Ladyflash (Simian Mobile Disco Remix) mp3

Click here to watch the fantastic video for ‘Grip Like A Vice’ on YouTube.

Click here to pre-order the new ‘Proof Of Youth’ album from HMV for only £8.99.

The Go! Team Website / The Go! Team MySpace