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July 13, 2007

THE INDELICATES – Julia, We Don’t Live In The ’60s (CD Single)

Weekender Records WEEK0032: 2nd July 2007
1. Julia, We Don’t Live In The ’60s
“And people die when towers fall, I’ve tried but I hardly even care at all, I’ve seen you angry, I’ve seen you cry, I’ve seen life go fitfully flitting by”
2. Point Me To The West
“Life’s a beach that you build, a sandpit we filled, with the old cold sweat of our slavery”
3. Unity Mitford (Live In Innsbruck)
“And oh, the indescribable beauty, of a million hands raised to salute you, like poppies lean when winds caress them, cut flowers pressed to solemn duty”

‘Julia, We Don’t Live In The ’60s’ is a defeated anti-protest song, an anthem for bored youth with a chorus of “We’ve never had it so good!”. Behind the acidic lyrics, lies a jangly Guitar Pop gem with the rarely heard Penny whistle giving it that Pied-Piper vibe. ‘Point Me To The West’ is a spine-tingling Piano lament performed with almost religious fervour and it’s easily the most beautiful thing that The Indelicates have so far recorded. ‘Unity Mitford (Live In Innsbruck)’ opens with Simon’s deadpan introduction of “This is a slow song for all you love birds out there… if you’ve ever fallen in love with a Nazi” because it’s about one of Hitler’s associates. This is the second time it’s been released after an acoustic version was included on ‘The Last Significant Statement To Be Made In Rock ‘n’ Roll’ EP.

Click here to buy the record from Rough Trade or click here to download the songs from 7Digital.

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