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July 17, 2007

BATTLE – The Longest Time (7″ Single)

Transgressive TRANS052: 2nd July 2007
1. The Longest Time
“We are tunnelling for a miracle, is the clearest thing I am seein’, how long have I been living in limbo?”
2. Takuya
“I’m just a drop in the widest of seas, and oceans they drown me, in my sleep”

‘The Longest Time’ is another icy-cold injection of Indie-Rock from Battle, with Drums like pistons firing and Guitars like the grinding of gears. ‘Takuya’ has Jason Bavanandan yelping in his Robert Smith like voice, backed by what sounds like a mental asylum’s resident Funk band. Battle are still yet to come up with anything as good as their second single ‘Demons’. Eclipsing one of the finest songs of the last decade is no mean feat but these two songs are getting there.

Click here to buy the 7″ or click here to buy the recent ‘Back To Earth’ mini-album from HMV.

Battle – Demons mp3

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