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July 19, 2007

KINGS OF LEON – Fans (7″ Single)

Columbia 88697114127: 9th July 2007
1. Fans
“Oh the London scene, cos England’s the Queen, who makes you love the tales I breathe, those rainy days they ain’t so bad when you’re the King, the King they want to see”
2. Woo Hoo
“Love the days, she’s gone for the moment, I don’t know which way she was going, lord it’s been a long warm November, I know now she acts like her mother”

After the startlingly different last single ‘On Call’, Kings Of Leon return to the dusty Americana of old with ‘Fans’.  It slowly smoulders at the start and really catches fire by the end with Caleb Followill yelping like a wounded animal in his gorgeous voice.  ‘Woo Hoo’ kicks off with almost Hip-Hop Drums which give way to some incredible interplay between the Bass and the lead Guitar.  With the super-hooky “Woo Hoo” bits this could’ve easily been a double A-side but then, Kings Of Leon have never been ones to make inferior B-sides.

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