BLOC PARTY – Hunting For Witches (CD, 2x 7″ & Download Singles)

Wichita WEBB130SCD / WEBB130S / WEBB130SX / WEBB120CD: 9th July 2007
1. Hunting For Witches (Original / Live / Fury666 Remix)
“Nineties, optimistic as a teen, now it’s terror, airplanes crash into towers, the Daily mail say’s the enemy’s among us, taking our women and taking our jobs, all reasonable thought is being drowned out, by the non-stop baying, baying, baying for blood”
2. Uniforms (James Rutledge Remix)
“There was a sense of disappointment, as we left the mall, all the young people looked the same, wearing their masks of cool and indifference, commerce dressed up as rebellion”
3. Cavaliers & Roundheads
“Three is evil, the most evil of all the numbers, course and hateful, full of unrest and neglect”
4. Rhododendrons
“I dream of order, I dream of fleets, of Napoleon in aquamarine, he said Linus put that blanket down, you’ve slammed your door too many times”
5. Secrets
“Boy, keep those stories close to your chest, to your chest, I said boy, keep your secrets, secret”

Bloc Party’s new album could be accused of dumbing down, gone are the mathematically precise Drums and intricate Guitars, replaced with a big almost Coldplay/U2 sound. Instead of the near impenetrable minimalist poetry of the 1st album we get lyrics that read like a story right from the booklet. All this aside, the new album undeniably has some great songs and ‘Hunting For Witches’ is definitely one of them. Kele Okereke’s voice wearily bemoans fear-mongering terrorist propaganda, infringement of civil liberties and paranoia over a brilliantly repetitive riff and blinking electronic sounds.

‘Hunting For Witches’ is also included as a rapturously received live incarnation and as a sliced-and-diced robotic art-trance masterpiece from Fury666. Another album highlight ‘Uniforms’ is remixed by James Rutledge, who brings in a mix of swirling strings and aggressive fuzz. ‘Rhododendrons’ is a downbeat but beautiful song of self-doubt and ‘Secrets’ is a pounding Bass Guitar heavy song. Best of all is ‘Cavaliers & Roundheads’ with it’s Punk-Funk meets Metal sound and some brilliant but uncharacteristic Guitar wankery at the end. Altogether, this is an impressive package from Bloc Party and I look forward to the next single.

Click here to buy the new ‘A Weekend In The City’ album from HMV for only £8.99.

Click here to buy Bloc Party’s B-sides as mp3s from Juno Records.

Bloc Party – Vision Of Heaven mp3 (Exclusive free song from PureVolume)
Bloc Party – The Once & Future King mp3 (US only bonus track)

Click here to watch the video for ‘Hunting For Witches’ on YouTube.

Bloc Party Website / Bloc Party MySpace

2 Comments to “BLOC PARTY – Hunting For Witches (CD, 2x 7″ & Download Singles)”

  1. Hey, just wanted to say I just stumbled on your site today and I think it’s really great. I dig the design and our tastes have a lot in common. I also had no idea of the new KoL single but I was thrilled to see the older B-side, and then I came back and these two Bloc Party tunes are amazing. Glad to see someone is making my life easier by putting all this stuff in one place. I’ll be checking back often. Thanks.

  2. Re Kevin. Glad you like the blog. Always nice to get some feedback. Thanks!

    Ryan (StopMe)

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