MP3 OF THE WEEK: Mika – Big Girl (Bonde Do Role Remix) mp3

“No need to fantasise, since I was in my braces, a watering hole with the girls around, with curves in all the right places”

Not content with nicking Freddie Mercury’s voice and flamboyant moves, Mika’s also pilfered his song subjects. I seem to remember a little known song by Queen called ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ which bore a striking resemblance to Mika’s ‘Big Girl’. But with that “Genius steals” quote ringing in my ears, I have to admit that ‘Big Girl’ is a damn catchy song and Bonde Do Role’s remix is even better. They’ve slapped on their characteristic Drums, cranked up the Guitars and wedged in a Brazilian Rap break.

Mika – Big Girl (Bonde Do Role Remix) mp3

Click here to buy Mika’s album and click here to buy Bonde Do Role’s record.

Click here to watch Mika perform ‘Big Girl’ at Glastonbury.

Mika Website / Mika MySpace / Bonde Do Role MySpace

One Comment to “MP3 OF THE WEEK: Mika – Big Girl (Bonde Do Role Remix) mp3”

  1. here is a link to a little ditty M.I.A ‘XXXO’ refixed by south London terrorist DrumCunt:
    XXXO – M.I.A (DrumCunt refix) by drumcunt
    free download – happy xmas X

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