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July 27, 2007

ARCTIC MONKEYS – Fluorescent Adolescent (CD EP)

Domino RUG261CD: 9th July 2007
1. Fluorescent Adolescent
“You used to get it in your fishnets, now you only get it in your night dress, discarded all the naughty nights for niceness, landed in a very common crisis”
2. The Bakery
“And the more you keep on looking, the more it’s hard to take, love we’re in stalemate”
3. Plastic Tramp
“Lying again, your conscience is your friend, and the only thing you’re sorting out is your imagination”
4. Too Much To Ask
“The smiles as she walked in the room have all turned into frowns, am I too quick to assume that the love is no longer in bloom”

‘Fluorescent Adolescent’ instantly stood out from the new album and it’s about as perfect as a Pop-Rock single can get.  The Drums, Bass, Guitar and vocals all dance around between your ears, always giving exactly what the song needs and nothing more.  Add to that, one of Alex Turner’s finest lyrics (That’s sayin’ sumit!) “Nothing seems as pretty as the past though, that Bloody Mary’s lacking in Tabasco”.

As you might expect, the three B-sides don’t let the side down.  ‘Plastic Tramp’ is a paranoid little thrasher and ‘The Bakery’ is a weary lament in the style of album highlights ‘Do Me A Favour’ and ‘Only Ones Who Know’.  The EP is rounded off in style by ‘Too Much To Ask’ which has got that shimmering ‘Late Night, Maudlin Street’ vibe.

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