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August 3, 2007


Polydor 1741247: 23rd July 2007
1. Rockers To Swallow
“Tell me what rockers to swallow, tell me what knockers to bite, and out of the beats of tomorrow, tell me what beat fills the night”
2. Down Boy
“No fame, all there is, all there was, on the second lady, can’t take a cent, take a cut of that kind of rent, I’ll stand kind of pushed, kind of bent on this heavy land, I’ll stand for the sake of my friend, I will see him there”
3. Kiss Kiss
“Green hours, blue rope, well hot wax for hearts are cold, we’re three, we’re three in the dark tonight, and baby my snake is a shark tonight”
4. Isis
“If they’re still up high, we’ll throw them to the sea, watch the murder of the wilds, to the music of the deep”
5. 10 x 10
“Ten lines leading to the seashore, water’s gonna lead the dogs my way, ten wives tearin’ up my leisure, prissy little mouths gonna talk my way”

After hearing some of these brilliant songs previewed on the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ blistering 2004 stopgap live DVD, I was shocked to discover that they hadn’t made it on to the second album ‘Show Your Bones’. The mature acoustic Rock sound was far removed from the electrifying Punk of the first album and a light-year away from the insane savagery of the first thrilling EP. So I can only conclude that Yeah Yeah Yeahs themselves have decided that perhaps they’d made a step in the wrong direction and recording these lost gems was a way to recapture the magic.

The EP opens in spectacular style with the heavy riff monster ‘Rockers To Swallow’ with Karen O screeching and moaning over the top like Iggy Pop in his prime and Nick Zinner playing his axe like it was warfare. ‘Down Boy’ is creepy and sexy, kinda like a vampire and has Guitar playing so violent that it almost puts Jack White to shame. The propulsive ‘Kiss Kiss’ brings to mind early classic ‘Miles Away’ and the acapella bit at the end is simply spellbinding. The EP is rounded off by two primal Blues songs in the shape of the Eastern flavoured ‘Isis’ and the head-bangin’ ’10 x 10′.

In a little under eighteen minutes ‘Is Is’ has restored my faith in Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I’m just gonna pretend that the last album was a bad dream and this was the next release after ‘Fever To Tell’. Play this EP fuckin’ loud and you won’t have any trouble forgetting too.

Click here to buy ‘Is Is’ from Rough Trade.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Sealings mp3 (Another quality song that got the chop)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Let Me Know (Demo) mp3 (Sensational B-side)

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