MANIC STREET PREACHERS – Autumnsong (2x CD & 7″ Singles)

Columbia 88697118302: 23rd July 2007
1. Autumnsong
“So when you hear this Autumnsong, clear your heads and get ready to run, so when you hear this Autumnsong, remember the best times are yet to come”
2. Red Sleeping Beauty
“I’ve been sound asleep for twenty years, if I’m sound asleep a hundred years, she won’t wake me”
3. The Long Goodbye
“It started with a long goodbye, now it’s fading like a bleached out sky”
4. Morning Comrades
“So good morning comrades, there’s work to be done, what can we do but carry on, we’re in denial but having fun”
5. 1404
“If R. S. Thomas was compulsory, and Saunders Lewis was for free, Owain Glyndŵr our history, and Dylan kept the memories, but 1404 got left behind, and we were trapped and stuck in time”
6. The Vorticists

‘Autumnsong’ switches between an absolutely massive soaring chorus and James Dean Bradfield doing his best ever Slash impression on the Guitar. It’s an effortlessly anthemic single showing the Manics at the top of their game.

Another generous selection of B-sides accompany ‘Autumnsong’. ‘Red Sleeping Beauty’ is an intense galloping song (It’s actually a fairly faithful cover of MSP favourites McCarthy but they seem to have forgotten to mention that in the sleeve notes) while ‘The Long Goodbye’ has Nicky Wire on lead vocals with added JDB showmanship on the Guitar. ‘Morning Comrades’ and ‘1404’ are gorgeous acoustic songs that highlight the gentle power of JDB’s voice. ‘1404’ is a burning plea for Welsh nationalism sparked by the 1404 uprising and it’s one of the best things the Manics have ever recorded. I don’t know if ‘The Vorticists’ sonically captures the Vorticist art movement, but it definitely captured my imagination.

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Click here to watch the beautiful Director’s Cut video for ‘Autumnsong’ on YouTube, click here to watch the TV Version (Minus black people?!?!) and click here to watch the MSP preferred Karaoke version.

Manic Street Preachers – Fearless Punk Ballad mp3 (Recent quality B-side)
Manic Street Preachers – Send Away The Tigers (Acoustic) mp3 (Japan bonus)
Manic Street Preachers – The Instrumental mp3 (Rare June Brides cover)
James Dean Bradfield – Kodachrome Ghosts mp3 (Magical solo track)
Nicky Wire – Casual-Glam mp3 (Another magical solo track)

Manic Street Preachers Website / Manic Street Preachers MySpace


2 Comments to “MANIC STREET PREACHERS – Autumnsong (2x CD & 7″ Singles)”

  1. Just want to say thanks for posting all these Manics tracks. I buy every record of theirs that I can spot here in Asia, but it’s difficult (and very expensive) to keep up with the B-sides and rarities.

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